Monday, March 9, 2020


   So we're back after a short break: the XFL Season is taking its toll on the weekends. With an alternative to the NFL now available, I know how my forefathers must have felt when Prohibition was repealed back in the 30's. 

   There have been some updates on some women and children trapped in cults who've gone missing. We'll start with the one we've been following most recently: 

  Ani Slattery---of Owen Benjamin's based and Red-Pilled Bear Cult---hasn't been seen in person for now an estimated 74 days. Her husband---a vile and cretinous character named Nathaniel Slattery---is feeling a lot of online pressure these days (including some from his fellow-cultists) to allow Ani to be seen online again. Nasty Nate, as he's widely known, has changed his story multiple times during the last three weeks. In February, he was offline for six days; when he returned, he claimed that "had to restore morale and discipline in the household." He also admitted that his wife was afraid of his brother, who's been slumming in the house. 

   Later Nasty Nate went on an interview and claimed that Ani suffered a miscarriage and was depressed and taking a break. A few days ago, he claimed that she wasn't online because "trolls were making fun of her looks" and that she wouldn't appear on Nate's streams because "she doesn't do Bible studies." This is somewhat strange, since she's said that she met Nate online through a Bible Study. The picture above, by the way, is from December 17th; when Ani and some of her girlfriends were announcing the launch of a new music podcast. In her last Facebook video, she made a flower-crown with an app, did a lipstick tutorial, and other stuff girls do in online chats.

   In other words, she hasn't been especially camera-shy until recently. Now, yesterday Nasty Nate did another podcast in which a woman's voice was heard; and after Nate assured her that "she couldn't be seen on camera" she walked over to him and alleged reflection was seen in the glass door behind. 

   Some believe this is actually Ani; I'm not so sure. Why didn't she just show up and say 'hi'? This is the problem with trying with to analyse the behavior of people in cults. They don't behave like normal people: so we're always stuck trying to predict what irrational people do. If this Ani, it's strange that she wouldn't appear; but Nasty Nate is also a strange dude and staging this performance wouldn't be beneath him. Produce the Corpus Delicti, Nate. That's the bottom line here. 

   The second development has come from the Mormon Cult, in a case we wrote about a few weeks back. A boy named Joshua Vallow and his half-sister Tylee Ryan went missing last September. Their parents, Chad and Lori Daybell, have had a long history of suspicious deaths and disappearances around them. The Mormon conventicles and the local officials have been shielding the Daybells and only acted because the case has received national media attention.

    Someone within the local cult in Rexburg, Idaho obviously tipped off the Daybells and they fled to Hawaii. The Hawaiian police moved in, however, and arrested Lori with $5 million bond. Idaho officials immediately requested extradition. Lori appeared in court yesterday. Judge Faren Eddins, himself a Mormon---slashed Lori's bail 80%. The cult quickly ponied up; and Lori's out and about amongst friends.

   Still no word on where Joshua and Tylee are. This is the situation that I most feared; that this case is going back to a Kangaroo Court where the cult will stack the jury and any trial which comes up. Eddins is an attorney connected with the Moulton Law Office in Driggs, Idaho; run by a shady former official of the Idaho Fish & Game Commission. Roy Moulton was thrown off the Commission after giving an exclusive contract monopolizing coyote hunting to a crony who wasn't properly licensed. The Idaho Media once compared Moulton's history of environmental extremism to an Earth First whacko who was competing for his position. He and Eddins were both supporters of arch-RINO Mitt Romney. 

 What's worrisome here is that Lori Daybell will likely say nothing about the missing pair; be tried for murder and acquitted in a sham trial. If Tylee and Joshua turn up deceased, she can't be re-tried as per the 8th Amendment. 

  Western Liberalism and religious cults are the two greatest threats to Civilization, as I've said many times. But especially in the latter's case, they're also extremely dangerous to the people around them. 



  1. Hi 777, what's new. I hope she appears. Good to see u at youtube

    1. Thanks! Nasty Nate was doing another hit-piece on Crocko last night. At one point, he turned and said something---it sounded like Singalong's voice off-camera. I'm wondering now if maybe he beat her up and that caused the miscarriage---she doesn't want to appear because she's scarred up. Also Nasty Nate mentioned that his brother had moved out: maybe his brother attacked her? Who knows at this point.