Sunday, March 25, 2018


      The latest fashionable trend among the Whacko Left Wing seems to be organizing and participating in stupid 'protest marches'. This trend really started late in Obama's term, but has become an especially useful propaganda tactic for the political and media forces opposed to President Trump---and to freedom generally. 

      Most recently we saw flash-mobs knocking down statues and bitter harridans and cadres of male feminists walking around with artificial vaginas on their heads (illustrating of course where their brains are). Before that, we saw effete white trust-fund babies rallying for Black Lives Matter and on behalf of illegal immigrants. 

       The latest act of Leftist mass-insanity was an event ridiculously called March for Our Lives. Of course, the whole event was orchestrated by Left-Wing interest groups but posed as 'millions' of young adults protesting for stricter gun control laws. The catalyst for this event was the Parkland School mass-murder which was committed by a thug with an illegally-owned weapon. The police---whom the Liberals argue should alone have access to guns---in this instance ran away. 

       Thus we have typical Liberal logic. The Gun Laws that were supposed to stop nutcases like Nicholas Cruz from obtaining a firearm were not enforced: and those government agencies who are supposed to stop such attacks fled the scene. The Liberal solution therefore is that we need even more government oversight. 

        And the same Left who want to regulate guns also protest every police-involved shooting. They ought simply to confess that they are pro-crime. 

        Some might argue that, with modern weapons, the 2nd Amendment is obsolete. They argue that civilian militias couldn't impact a modern army. But we've seen this theory disproved in the Middle East in both Syria and Iraq.

        Before the rise of ISIS, Syria had fairly lenient gun laws, but guns were taxed and too expensive for the average person to own. In Syria, ISIS took over and massacred entire villages like Zara and Al-Quaryatayn. 

         In Iraq, one of the positive things brought by American Occupation was a respect for the principles of the 2nd Amendment and the establishment of a 'gun culture.' Civilian militias not only fought ISIS side-by-side with the Iraqi Army, but ISIS took tremendous casualties from civilian snipers within ISIS-occupied cities. ISIS' second-in-command, Omar the Chechen was killed by a sniper as were the head of the secret police, their propaganda chief, their head of suicide-bombing units, as well as several other ISIS officials and military commanders. A few small villages were liberated before the Iraqi Army arrived, by the armed inhabitants.

          So why does the Left really hate the 2nd Amendment? It is because they could never impose the kind of regime they desire on America as long as the people can resist them with force. This is not a radical idea at all; but one enshrined by our Founding Fathers. Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story stated in 1832 that:

           "The right of the citizenry to keep and bear arms has justly been considered as the palladium of the liberties of a free republic; since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary powers of rulers."

            And not only that, but our Founding Fathers revived and modified an earlier British Law, from the reign of King William III in the 1688 Bill of Rights:

          "That our subjects which are Protestants may have arms for their defense suitable to their condition and as allowed by law." Which, as Story notes, had become a dead letter in England by his day. Our Founding Fathers understood that disarmament leads to oppression. 

             But the ignoramuses marching today never hear about the Founding Fathers, Judge Story, or the English Constitution from any of their even more ignorant teachers. The worst school massacre in US history was carried out with dynamite. Evil men are not going to be deterred by laws. Modern Academia thinks that we can stop evil by wishing it out of existence. But the force of evil is only stopped with a superior force. And that's why the media and academia really don't want it stopped at all.


  1. Well said. There were a few photos from this march that just cracked me up. One was this tiny,little woman just shaking her fist in the air, and standing right behind her is a big cop and 2 Nat'l Guard. Good guys with guns, making it safe and possible for her to exercise her protest guns. It was a downright comical juxtaposition.

    1. That's why some of the Conspiracy Theories about Parkland don't make any sense. These protesters aren't intelligent enough to pull off a convincing hoax.