Tuesday, March 13, 2018


     The President today initiated a long-overdue shake-up in the State Department---starting with the ouster of do-nothing Swamp-RINO Rex Tillerson. 

      President Trump has run his Administration much like a CEO, appointing department heads who are getting the job done. Sessions, Zinke, Carson, Perdue, DeVos, and others have been doing an outstanding job of swamp-draining, cleaning up corruption, and making Government work efficiently again. Not so at the State Department. Rainbow Rex hasn't bothered even replacing Obama-Era diplomatic staff until Trump intervened. Tillerson even rejected a joint Justice Department and Congressional memo to defund Soros-backed recipients of State Department grants. Our withdrawals from corrupt UN committees and obligations were completely the work of President Trump: Tillerson contributed nothing. 

      Tillerson never retracted even one of Obama's policies unless Trump himself overruled him. He continued Obama's policy of brinkmanship with China and North Korea, and failed intervention in Syria and Yemen. Trump actually met with some of these leaders and came away with record trade-deals instead of war. 

       The President has suggested CIA Director Mike Pompeo as a replacement. Pompeo has several good qualities recommending him. He's a more solid Conservative than Tillerson and was formerly connected to the Tea Party Republicans. Pompeo is a Constitutionalist and will bring about much-needed reform within the State Department proper. We can probably expect him to terminate Deep State-Era programs and give the department a thorough house-cleaning.

       On geopolitical issues, Pompeo is a little more shaky. He is anti-Russian, his Middle East positions uninformed, and he is hawkish on domestic espionage and transparency. Most of these however are not positions that he is able to act upon unilaterally. Trump overall seems to be redirecting American Foreign Policy toward free-trade as opposed to militarism; thus the State Department will have to, by necessity, move further away from Clinton/Kerry Era aggressiveness.

        At any rate, Trump deserves our applause for having the courage to admit that he made a mistake in appointing Tillerson and correcting that mistake. The Corporate Media spins these kinds of personnel changes as symptomatic of weakness within the Administration but nothing could be further from the truth. It's a sign that the Administration is quite vibrant and strong: and willing to push aside the political dead-weight when necessary. And Tillerson was about as dead-weight as it gets. 



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