Saturday, March 31, 2018


       The Sessions Steamroller strikes again: this time in Houston. One of the biggest Opioid trafficking rings in the South-Central states went down in flames on Thursday. This case was remarkable for the effort the FBI put into smashing it because it was a highly secretive enterprise in its operation and a particularly ruthless one in its execution.

        Dr. Gazelle Craig and Clinic Manager Shane Faithful of Houston were found guilty of running a criminal enterprise under the guise of a clinic. They operated the now-defunct Gulfton Community Health Center which was essentially nothing but a front for narcotics trafficking. 

        Craig wrote prescriptions for the Opioids Hydrocodone and Carisporodal; which in combination are said by experts to have no known medical benefit in combination. However, the second drug enhances the strength of the first when used for 'recreational' purposes. She prescribed to nearly 20,000 users over 5 million doses. 

         As if this wasn't bad enough: Faithful employed what's known in underworld parlance as 'bird-dogs'. These are people who actually went out looking for drug addicts and steering them to Gulfton Clinic. The addicts got a prescription for $300---which was always paid in cash---and the FBI stated that Craig and Faithful would split the profits. The FBI said further that these profits averaged about $1,500 per day. 

         The Clinic had no surveillance system and employed local thugs as 'security guards'. Cellphones, cameras, etc. were forbidden in the clinic and 'security' would remove anybody who wasn't 'invited.' Sessions didn't say how the operation was eventually infiltrated, but probably involved an agent posing as an addict. 

         "In this case, tens of thousands of pills flooded our streets because of the defendants' actions."  Sessions told the Corporate Media (which of course ignored the story). "We will never know for certain the scale of the damage done."

        Just as a side note, this is third multi-million dollar drug ring brought down that was obtaining narcotics through Obamacare. Obama denied that there was any fraud going on in the system. Sessions mentioned that since January 2017, over 3,500 arrests have been made and over $12.5 billion recovered from abuses in Obamacare. 

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