Tuesday, March 27, 2018


      The recent decision of a handful of Western countries---including the US and Canada---to expel Russian diplomats has had only a minimal impact in geopolitics, despite the flurry of fake-news surrounding the story. The expulsion did cause considerable indignation in Russia---coinciding with a National Day of Mourning declared by President Putin following a deadly catastrophe in Kemerevo on Sunday. 

       The Trump Administration expelled 60 diplomats. The whole action, though, was based on the fake-news that Russia assassinated a former spy in Britain. This story has been debunked several times. It's about as credible a story as the allegations alleging Russian involvement in the 2016 Elections.

        This has been a serious problem within the Trump Administration. The worst decision that Trump has made was ordering a cruise-missile strike on Syria last Spring---during an official visit with the President of China, no less. That was based on the fake-news that the Syrian Air Force used chemical weapons against civilians. The chemical weapons nonsense was always a fraud. Syria never signed the UN treaty banning chemical weapons; but we never hear that small detail mentioned by the Corporate Media. 

        We've also exposed several incidents of fake news---or at least news from very dubious sources---about North Korea. The Trump Administration came within a hairs-breadth of war with that country last year. 

         Here's the problem: fake-news served the interests, agendas and objectives of the Obama, Bush, and Clinton Administrations quite admirably. The fake stories about Serbian atrocities; the phony WMD-menace from Iraq; the Arab Spring; the Maidan Uprising in Ukraine: all of these were distractions calculated to distract Americans from problems at home and to advance the vested financial interests of the Deep State abroad. 

          The Trump Administration has to understand this---that the day and purposes of American military intervention abroad is over. We need to invest in our defense and security. Countries like Serbia, Bosnia, Iraq, and Libya were no threat to the US then; and countries like Yemen, Iran, and North Korea aren't today. The only countries really capable of fighting the US in a head-on war are Russia, China, and possibly India. And all three of these countries would prefer peaceful co-existence and free-trade to war. 

          In other words, Trump needs to start applying the same skills and out-of-the-box thinking in foreign policy that he's used so successfully in domestic policy. Forget the Pax Americana nonsense pushed by the Clintonistas and the RINOs. We have to look to our own affairs first: and an alliance with the other world powers would facilitate that tremendously. 

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