Wednesday, March 7, 2018


       Today from John Horvat of America Needs Fatima, we learn of a new business enterprise coming out of Canada. The same effete and degenerated culture that's given the world Justin Trudeau and South Park has introduced a new ice-cream chain called Sweet Jesus. 

       The letter 't' is inverted as an upside-down Crucifix and the 's' letter in Jesus' name is written in Gothic runes---like the Nazi SS symbol.

        The perverts running this company have concocted advertising slogans like "soft serve and beverage for sinners" and some of their desserts are called Pimped-Out Cones and Sweet Baby Jesus. Really brilliant stuff, guys. 

       Sweet Jesus is part of a conglomerate owned by the aptly-named Monarch & Misfits Company. They describe themselves as a "handful of rule-breakers rewriting the restaurant game." 

        This collection of losers have even posted a disclaimer on their website claiming that their products are not intended to offend anybody's religion. Which is about as credible as the Red Pill blogs' disclaimers that they oppose violence. Horvat did mentioned that the company did however change its name in Dubai, so as not to alienate Moslems. 

           Actually, looking at both the prices and the hideous-looking concoctions they serve, most people would boycott this joint regardless of one's religious beliefs.  Seriously, just look at some of this garbage:

       I feel nauseous just looking at these pictures. They don't look like delicious ice-cream at all. Ben & Jerry might have been a pair of flaming Liberals too; but at least they made high-quality ice cream. This stuff looks like something that marketing directors threw together without consulting any actual chefs. 

        And, I strongly suspect that this the whole angle behind Sweet Jesus. A place for people who care about such things to 'be seen'. One of the Kardashians ate there and recommended it. It's the perfect place for those who consider the Kardashians a public role-model. 

         Anybody interested in signing a petition protesting this chain's choice of names can find it here.  

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