Thursday, March 8, 2018


     Two suspects are sitting in Texas jails tonight after being netted in a four-month campaign of harassment and intimidation committed against survivors, family, and church officials following last November's Sutherland Springs Massacre. Readers might recall that a madman with illegally-owned weapons murdered 26 people during a worship service before being (permanently) stopped by a neighbor with a hunting rifle. 

      Some people, however, believed the story to be hoax; although what plausible false-flag could center on a Christian-killing thug who ended up shot by an armed citizen before the police arrived is anybody's guess. Robert Ussery, the ringleader of the harassment campaign was arrested on Tuesday; along with his consort, Jodi Mann.

      It should come as no surprise to anyone who's followed these stories to learn that Ussery had "an extensive criminal record" according to Texas authorities. He was arrested most recently after a violent altercation at a White Lives Matter rally. Previous charges include Assault, Domestic Violence, and Weapons violations.

       Ussury had been harassing victims of Sutherland Springs both online and in person. There was little police could do until he crossed the legal boundary of making in-person threats on Sunday to Pastor Frank Pomeroy. According to witnesses, Ussery threatened to "hang you {Rev. Pomeroy} from the highest tree and p--- on your corpse." The Pomeroys had apparently gotten some kind of restraining order because police arrested Ussery and Mann for criminal trespass and resisting arrest. Ussery also faces drug charges after illegal Marijuana was found on both his person and in his system. 

       Pastor Pomeroy's 14 year-old daughter was among those killed during the massacre. 

       "He keeps insisting that my daughter never existed and making demands that I produce her birth certificate." the pastor told KTSA-San Antonio. "He keeps trying to bait us into doing something stupid."

        The San Antonio Express-News stated that Ussery runs a website called Side Thorn which claims that over 30 mass-murders and terrorist incidents nationwide were staged by the Government. Jodi Mann, aged 56, is known on the Internet as The Conspiracy Granny.

       Mrs. Pomeroy told the British newspaper The Guardian that Ussery accuses church-members on regular basis of participating in the alleged cover-up; variously claiming that the children either never existed or are in hiding. 

       What a couple of kooks. 

        But this goes back to what Pope Francis said about weaponizing the tongue. Idiots like Ussery are triggered by other crackpots who incite them over the Internet, talk-radio, and elsewhere. People like Ussery end up in jail while the people who encouraged them get paid interviews and seven-figure media deals. And it's not just on the Extreme Right---although they're the ones upon whom the Media focuses. We've seen plenty of Left-Wing violence instigated by the likes of Keith Olbermann, Stephen Colbert, and Bernie Sanders. 

        This is yet another example, though, of why Christians and Conservatives need to call out screwballs who are giving the entire political Right a bad name. There's no room in our movement for rioters, stalkers, promoters of political violence, racists, male supremacists, etc. The Left needs force and fraud to uphold its ideals: we do not. To extremists, might makes right; but to us right makes might.  



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