Thursday, March 1, 2018


     The Iraqi Media reported earlier today that a mass grave found on the western outskirts of Mosul contained the bodies of Christians who disappeared during the city's ISIS occupation. Some of the corpses were holding rosaries and crosses which a prelate of the Syrian Orthodox Church identified. The unidentified priest told Iraq News that all forty remains were of persons known to have been kidnapped by ISIS. Their whereabouts were unknown until today. 

      The grave was excavated by military engineers of the Peshmerga Militia. The Peshmerga and Hezbollah forces led the spearhead that broke through ISIS defenses in Northwestern Mosul. 

      Church sources also stated that several of the martyrs were children and their mothers, who were found buried in a separate section of the grave. Some were holding Crucifixes when they died.

       This is fairly typical; ISIS was known in Syria to have segregated the mothers and children. The fiends would demand that the women convert to Wahhabism; and if the mothers refused, these incarnate devils would murder their children in front of their eyes. According to some accounts from Syria, mothers with several children were forced to watch their children killed one by one with a demand to convert after each murder. The mothers were finally killed too after all of their children were slain.

      Lest we forget too---in the midst of all of the current anti-Trump hysteria---that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry helped make scenes like these possible. These three scumbags refused to grant refugee status to Iraqi and Syrian Christians; and pressured other Western governments to do the same. As we mentioned in several articles back then, this was part and parcel of a deliberate policy to stand down while ISIS savages ethnically-cleansed the region of its Christians. 

       Some might recall back then that the Obama Administration and its supporters were suing Christian businesses for not catering to homosexuals; or pharmacies for not providing abortifacients. They were also working to defund Christian schools and charities which opposed their anti-Christian policies; as well as looking the other way when violence and property damage was being done in churches. The Left sneered at suggestions that this was persecution. 

       Though these things were grave injustices, of course they weren't as serious as ISIS locking Christians inside of churches and burning the buildings down over their heads. But the same spirit was there. During American Occupation in Iraq, the US military wasn't allowed to intervene against radicals who attacked Christians. In fact, both Bush and Obama were quite antagonistic to Iraqi Christians and even approved discriminatory laws. Once the precedent of discrimination was set, the mass-graves of Mosul and Palmyra were the consequence. Both Syrian President Assad and Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi have since granted more freedoms to Christians in their respective countries. They've seen the outcome of religious discrimination first-hand.

        When Hitler became German Chancellor in 1933, his government did start rounding up and executing Jews the next day. The Holocaust didn't really start until 1942. First, Jews lost rights to serve in government. Then there were laws against race-mixing. Then there were boycotts and expropriations of Jewish-owned businesses and properties. Then Jews were compelled to wear distinguishing insignia. Then they were put into camps. And then The Final Solution. By that time, the German people were psychologically prepared for it. 

        That's essentially what we Americans were being psychologically prepared for. If the 2016 Election had gone the other way, Christians could expect very little sympathy from Hillary Clinton. Trump has dismantled most of the anti-Christian policies from the Clinton Era forward. 

        We need to keep in our sights on the bigger picture. Whatever policies Trump makes that we may disagree with, the alternative would have been much, much worse. 

UPDATE: Since this article was published, the Mayor of Nineveh, Iraq has disputed the Church's claim that the Christians in this particular grave were killed by ISIS. He claims that they were killed during the Iran-Iraq War during the 1980's. It may be so; but keep in mind that over 70 mass-graves containing Christians have been found in Iraq since the country liberated itself from ISIS last year. 

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