Wednesday, March 21, 2018


       The mad bomber behind a series of apparently random attacks in the Austin/San Antonio area met his doom last night, thanks to the heroic action of some unidentified police officers. A manhunt involving local, federal police and the Texas Rangers culminated in the issue of a warrant for one Mark Conditt, an unemployed computer technician. Conditt attempted to escape and---at the risk of their own lives---police followed and forced him off the road. Conditt's car exploded: it's unknown at this point whether he detonated a car bomb or a police bullet struck an explosive device. 

      No matter, the explosion sent the 'Mad Bomber of Austin' to Tartarus; saving taxpayers the expense of a media-circus trial. 

       The Corporate Media, however, along with the usual vulgar Leftist trolls, are besides themselves with joy to learn that Conditt was a White male apparently from a Conservative Christian background and not a Left-Wing nutcase, as per usual. This is all in spite of the fact that voter-rolls show that Conditt never declared a political party, nor voted in any election. And---the very Liberal Austin Police Chief has stated already that they have a taped confession from Conditt which indicates that political or religious motivations were not behind the attacks. CNN---for whatever their words are worth---did note in passing that the two police officers injured in the final showdown were 'white males'. 

       The real story here though isn't about Conditt, though the Corporate Media will give him---like they do all other mass-murderers---24/7 attention while ignoring his victims and the efforts of good men in bringing down this menace to society. That notoriety naturally encourages even more psychos to try and top the last attack. The Russians learned this after the Beslan School Massacre in 2004. The Russian Media agreed with the government to prohibit sensationalism of these event. The results have been that such attacks have virtually ceased in Russia while they've increased virtually exponentially here. 

       Unlike the Russian Media, though, we can't expect American journalists to engage in responsible behavior. What we can do is ignore those jugheads and focus on the efforts of real heroes who did what it took to bring the Mad Bomber's career to a conclusion. Even though our society puts down men as potential rapists and male pigs, it took considerable stones (as we used to call it) to charge a car-bomb. In fact, on Monday we saw a semi-retired painter do the same thing. and the very next day, a police officer stopping another psycho bent on a wholesale massacre. Not a bad week at all for those of us who are needed like a fish needs a bicycle.

       Even more fascinating was how these diverse law enforcement agencies tracked Conditt down in the first place. Conditt made two serious blunders that led to his ultimate downfall (not counting his abortive escape attempt). The first took some real investigative skills to uncover. As part of the detonator, Conditt employed a type of battery not manufactured or widely available in the US. A sharp investigator noted that, which led police to find who had purchased these devices online. Conditt's second mistake was using Home Depot and similar stores to buy other materials. Police began monitoring surveillance videos of purchasers of such items. Now, Conditt always wore a disguise---but a suspicious and very alert Home Depot employee followed him outside and got his license number. Conditt was on the list of suspects from the battery-purchases. And that was that. 

        Good men doing good things and working as a team: maybe if our culture celebrated that instead of holding up the Conditts of the world as typically male, we'd see fewer like him and more like the 'two White males' who brought him down at last. 

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