Friday, March 9, 2018


     Like other cults, the Red Pills and their Alt-RINO camp-followers are fond of creating neologisms and nonsense-phrases to bandy among themselves to appear intelligent. We're all familiar with this trick: stage magicians will utter cryptic, meaningless phrases as part of the illusion that they create. In primitive cultures, shamans and witch-doctors do much the same thing.

      Vox Day has coined a new term to add the glossary of Red Pill Ebonics: corception. Vox explained that there is no term in the English Language which favorably describes his dishonesty in rhetoric, hence the need for a new word.

      Corception is defined by him thus: "a word to express the concept of something that is technically false but rhetorically true that tends to guide one to the truth." The truth, of course, meaning how Vox subjectively defines it. After all, it has to be a subjective truth (i.e. an opinion); otherwise the term 'technically false' could not logically apply. 

      There actually are words in English describing this already. The more general term is sophistry; but the most accurate one would political correctness. 

      Political Correctness was originally a term coined by Bolshevik commander, Vladimir Lenin. Lenin held that if words or actions promoted the 'truth' of Communism; then it was inherently a good act. Western Leftist whackos in Academia revived the phrase during the 1990's to justify their ideological purges in our public schools and universities. 

      Corception essentially means the same practice to a different end. Vox and other Red Pills are known for spreading falsehoods that they know to be untrue; but since it serves the greater glory of their cult, it isn't lying, according to them. 

        "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor"---The 9th Commandment.

        It's impossible for any proposition in an argument to be factually false and rhetorically true. Not only does this notion violate the 9th Commandment; it violates the laws of Formal Logic handed down to us from the time of the Greeks. And it even violates Common Sense. How could a falsehood in one's mind be transformed into a truth by one's mouth? This is why all forms of 'political correctness' are inherently unscriptural, unethical, illogical, and just plain stupid. 

         Vox has the arrogance to write that, "I'm aware that many, if not most of you will fail to appreciate this kind of thought-exercise." This is the Cultist coming out of him. He's basically telling his credulous followers that if they fail to understand what he's talking about, they should simply defer to his superior Alpha Mind. 

         This episode is again yet another example of the 'Alt-Right' are nothing but doppelgangers of the Radical Left. Right down even to their abuse of the English Language. 


  1. Good post. Somewhat amusing to me, I recently wrote about paradoxes and how the female brain tends to be able to relate to them better. A paradox can seem contradictory but it is actually either well reasoned or truthful. That may well be part of the reason women are sometimes perceived as being deceitful or mysterious, our brains tend to embrace a paradox much more quickly then men who are often more comfortable with logic and reason.

    Vox is flat out a liar, who uses deception to manipulate people. The very fact that he would try to invent a new word in an attempt to rational-lies his outright lying is almost comical. He knows perfectly well what He is doing, but he must disguise it as logic and reason, perhaps even trying to deceive his own self. There is no such thing as "sinning for the common good" or "the ends justify the means," not in a moral context.

    Ironically, this is what a lot of weak minded men try to do, particularly those who are abusive and not very intelligent. Men who are actually strong in themselves and confident, tend to perceive the more paradoxical feminine mind with some amusement, even some understanding. There are some great men of faith who actually ran with the paradoxes and delivered us some amazing insights.

    Alas, VD is not one of them. He is just a plain old liar with some charisma and a following of sadly desperate people who want their ears tickled.

  2. I always thought that people who make their own vocabulary did so to appear cool.

    I've always called them "doofus hipsters". In trying so hard to be cool, they look stupid.