Saturday, March 24, 2018


     There's an interesting thread at the Ex-Red Pill Subreddit where a fellow tells a poignant story about how his encounter with the Red Pills nearly drove him to suicide. 

     "I came across the Red Pill and for some reason a lot of what they were saying seemed true." he writes, "There are definitely good things in there like improving yourself, but what really stood out to me was the idea that marriage was a terrible thing and that no woman will ever love you like you want to be loved. That modern-day marriages don't work any more because modern women don't need to rely on men any more and can divorce husbands quite easily and take them for everything they own. This may seem good at the start of a relationship, but all women eventually lose attraction to their husbands."

       The writer of this article explained how he was a child of divorce and wanted something better for himself. I don't think that he realized this; but these are exactly the kinds of vulnerable men upon whom the Red Pill Cult preys. He tells of the consequences:

      "This struck me in a really bad way. I felt sick to my stomach; I had swallowed TRP and realized that everything that I had wanted in life was a facade and that I no longer saw a purpose in living. I was so f-----g miserable that I seriously thought of ending it all." 

      Fortunately, this young fellow came across some anti-Red Pill sites and the scales fell from his eyes just in time. But we do have to wonder how many similar stories don't end so happily. With the sky-high rates of male suicide in the US, it can't be doubted that a fair number of them are driven to despair by what they've been taught by the Cult. 

       Granted, the anti-male zeitgeist of our postmodern dystopia has made relationships much harder to obtain than in the past: but we also have to keep in mind that anti-male doesn't necessarily translate to pro-female. The cultural 'elites' are mostly very psychologically twisted sexual perverts who have a hatred of heterosexuality and complimentarianism in general. While men are being socially prevented from acting according to their nature; women are being pushed into social roles for which they have no capacity. The result is a Culture of Sexual Despair where men are frustrated and women feeling inadequate. Into that void steps the Gay Mafia, telling us that the homosexual lifestyle is superior; and that 'enlightened' people join it. 

         The Red Pills---whether or not they'll admit it---play right into that anti-heterosexual narrative. They are no more friendly to men than Feminists are to women. Both sides teach that neither gender needs the other; and in fact that the other gender is expendable. This is the Militant Homosexual agenda in a nutshell. It's no wonder that both the Red Pills and Feminists have 'gays' lurking around in both their leaderships.

        Thus Red Pill Cultists like Jack Donovan and his homosexual biker-gang or our suicidal young friend are two logical outcomes of TRP. Just as the large number of young women drawn to Lesbianism and the scandalous rates of female addiction to antidepressants are the logical outcome of Feminism. Men and women are drawn to one another---in fact, need one another---each has qualities the other gender lacks. And vice-versa each gender has deficiencies for which the other compensates. 

        The writer of the Reddit piece had a happy ending:

        "Thank God I took the Blue Pill and came to my senses. It now seems so stupid that I believed in that TRP s--t. I believe that there are some good attraction tips out there, but the majority of it is toxic and ignores all the happy marriages out there. Here's to being a 'Beta.'"


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