Tuesday, July 11, 2017


      Readers may recall a story we've been following since last December about Red Pill leader Andrew Anglin and the anti-Semitic harassment campaign he waged against the Gersh family of Whitefish, Montana. We last encountered this story in April, when a consortium of lawyers filed charges against Anglin for Invasion of Privacy and violating Montana's Anti-Intimidation Act.

       So it appears now that Anglin himself is intimidated. Attorneys for the Gersh Family have been unable---after three months---to locate Anglin and serve him with official papers. Yes, Anglin is still spouting off his hatreds on The Daily Stormer. His disciples---all alleged victims of Jewish economic oppression---have managed to come up with over $150,000 in spare change to donate to his legal defense fund.

       But where Anglin actually is physically, no one seems to know. Or at least nobody who does know is telling.

        It doesn't seem to occur to Anglin's minions that his actions are quite at variance with what he preaches at The Daily Stormer, An avowed White Supremacist and Red Pill MGTOW fleeing in terror from a Jewish girl's threats is hardly the sort of thing one would expect from a manly Alpha leader. But the story gets even more interesting.

        After Interior Secretary Zinke put a stop to Anglin's activities in Whitefish, Columbus Alive did a profile story on Anglin on February 8th. The article contains this interesting passage: "Anglin's current whereabouts remain unknown. Citing FBI sources and Anglin's social media activity, a November, 2016 Huffington Post article believed him to be residing in Germany."

        How about that? If that story is true, it would mean that Anglin was inciting Troll Storms, Harassment Campaigns, and even an armed Skinhead march on Whitefish while safely out of the country to avoid any conflict or suffer any consequences himself.

          But that is what we've come to expect from these phonies. Vox Day, Matt Forney, and Ramzpaul are among many provocateurs who foment problems in America while hiding out in Europe. And they funnel through the Internet European extremist ideologies that they palm off as 'Americanism'.





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