Saturday, July 15, 2017


      The US Center for Disease Control recently issued an updated medical guideline for what constitutes a normal level of male testosterone. The new levels were slightly lower than previous guidelines; and the whackos in the Red Pill Cult have spun out of this change one of the most ridiculous of their theories yet. The story was picked up on two of the worst Red Pill sites: The Daily Stormer and Chateau Heartiste. Both sites are run by angry, bitter little men whose ravings are a continual source of embarrassment for real Conservatives.

      "The chemical castration of the Western male is about to be kicked up another level." pontificates the Stormer, "It's a transparent attempt to feminize men and normalize being a low-T faggot! We could start seeing men with healthy testosterone labeled 'pathological' because their levels are too high compared to the new standard!"

       And likely not a single one of the Red Pills doubts that their levels are too high. Now, of course, this argument is entirely absurd---the US Government isn't monitoring men's testosterone levels. The Government currently can't even control drugs in their own hospitals from being abused---how are they going to control male testosterone levels?

        And, the Chateau, citing the Stormer article, adds this brilliant insight: "Our Government is evil. It wants to pathologize masculine men and normalize fat women." This is the same CDC, incidentally, which just a few months ago called obesity in American women an "epidemic". Heartiste goes on in his apocalyptic strain:

       "There is a Western-wide War on Men, because the effete low-T globohomo taintlickers who have somehow wormed their ways into power at laugh at the plebs assaulted by Diversity from behind their gated communities know...THEY KNOW...that testosterone is the elixir of the god-emperors, and a million god-emperors whose veins flow with the power of T and whose hearts are opened to the ethereal channels of connection to their mighty warrior ancestors through their shared high T heritage are the ONLY FOE WITH THE FORCE OF WILL to oust the degenerate elite from their plush sanctums...Reclaim your rightful place in the pantheon of powerful White Men as heir to a noble race of warrior-poets."

        Incredibly, there are actually people who buy into this kind of psychobabble. But if either of these two jugheads had bothered to look at the CDC website before spouting off, they would have learned that guidelines were adjusted from research gathered during an ongoing project to find a cure for Hypogonadism. That's a medical condition that causes low testosterone. In other words, so far from forcing men to accept low-T as a new normal; the CDC is trying to cure men who suffer from it.

       Besides that, these Red Pill bobbleheads are also wrong in believing that homosexuality is caused by low testosterone. It's actually a purely psychological condition---something everyone else has known for the last century or so. 

       But this is kind of thing that Conservatives must do their best to oppose. These extremists are just as great a threat to our cause as the RINOs and Neocons. 



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