Thursday, July 6, 2017


     The G-20 Summit meets in the once-proud city of Hamburg tomorrow. This is a far more critical meeting than last year's. President Trump is scheduled to meet with the leader of the Free World, Vladimir Putin.

      The greatest challenge that Trump faces at this meeting is to ignore the blather of pundits and learn at the feet of a man who for the last two decades has fought boldly against the twin global scourges of degenerate Western Liberalism and the Wahhabi Jihadi cult. Putin must impress upon Trump that the US Deep State---represented in the Trump Administration by the treacherous Tillerson and his toadies McMaster and Mattis---are the common enemies of both countries. Trump would be well-advised to profit from Putin's experience in dealing with these types.

       It's expected that Putin and Trump will discuss lifting sanctions and Syria policy. In both cases, Trump should follow Putin's lead. Putin has been successful in restoring order to Donbas and Crimea; as well as turning the tide against ISIS in Syria. In contrast, the US Deep State has caused chaos in all these places.

       Putin will likely also address the NATO military provocations on Russia's Western border. Trump was inclined to withdraw from NATO during the campaign, something he should reconsider doing again. It would be far better for the world if the US, Russia, and China formed a military and economic alliance in defiance of entrenched vested interests who profit off war and economic instability.

         Trump will also meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Sino-US relations are also deeply strained, again at the instigation of Trump's Deep State advisors.

          What is important at this point in history is for the US leadership to exercise some humility and look to the future. It's time to scrap the outdated Cold War philosophies of John McCain and his ilk as well as the arrogant Pax Americana theories pushed by the Clintons and Bushmen. The US, Russia, and China are the three global superpowers and the interests of all three are mutually intertwined. If Trump heeds the good advice of Putin and Xi, we can look forward to an era of peace and prosperity as our nation formerly had prior to WW2 and the Cold War.


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