Friday, July 7, 2017


    President Trump today had an over two-hour meeting with President Vladimir Putin, the leader of the Free World and Defender of Christianity and Civilization. By many accounts, the meeting was highly productive as Trump sat awestruck in the presence of an experienced leader.

      The Corporate Media---which hates Putin as passionately as they hate Trump---was barred from the closed-door meeting by the mutual agreement of both presidents. Putin did speak to the Russian media afterwards and said that he had a positive impression of Trump. They discussed such issues as the Syrian Civil War; the North Korean 'crisis'; Ukraine, illegally confiscated Russian diplomatic property; economic sanctions; and Russian nationals illegally detained in US jails.

      It must have occurred to President Trump that every single one of these issues was instigated by his Deep State predecessors. That includes the phony 'Russiagate' scandals which the Corporate Media was quick to pounce upon---in spite of it being now exposed as a completely groundless hoax.

       Putin also stressed to Trump that international affairs have been in limbo for the US generally because of the number of ambassadors yet to be replaced. 'Rainbow Rex' Tillerson---who hasn't replaced a single Obama-era ambassador nor changed State Department personnel in six months---must have blushed at Putin's suggestion.

       Outside, in the streets of the degenerate city of Hamburg, German paramilitary forces were dealing with Soros-funded radicals who've been trying to sabotage the meeting with violent incidents. Water-cannons gave many Anarchists the first baths they've had in months. So far, the German police have lived up to their reputation for efficiency and prevented the peaceful protestors from inflicting too much damage. Their plans to disrupt the Summit have so far failed.

       Trump's next meeting will be with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The Deep State pervert James Mattis has already attempted to provoke Xi---much as he did at Mar-a-Lago. The day before the Summit, Obama henchman Admiral Harry Harris sent the USS Stetham into Chinese territorial waters, provoking a near military clash. Today---before the Xi-Trump meeting---Harris intentionally violated Chinese airspace with long-range B-1 bombers.

       Rainbow Rex and the dingbat UN Ambassador Nikki Haley have also been provoking China by trying to push through a Taiwanese arms-deal and instigating the mentally unstable Indian President Modi into provoking border incidents with China. Tillerson is also pushing trade-barriers again. Xi is going to have to be as firm with Trump as Putin was, while taking into account Trump's inexperience.

       President Trump understands domestic issues very clearly. But his political inexperience ---while it benefits him domestically---is a major handicap in Geopolitics. Trump has allowed himself to be imposed upon by so-called 'experts'---i.e. Tillerson, Mattis, and McMaster---who really serve the interests of the Deep State. The G-20 so far has been a learning experience for Trump who is benefitting from the insight and experience of Putin and Xi.

     The G-20 may give President Trump the impetus and insight needed to bring about a badly-needed reform in US Foreign Policy. Time will tell. But this is an excellent opportunity with superpowers Russia and China holding out the olive branch for the US to return to a position of international respect again.

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