Sunday, July 16, 2017


      While largely blacked out by the US Corporate Media, the British media has been reporting that President Trump intervened in the Charlie Gard Case during a meeting with British PM May at the recent G-20 Summit. The President allegedly solicited a brief meeting with May at the Summit to address this very issue.

     We haven't written about the Gard Case here as of yet; but the story has been covered on many Conservative blogs. Charlie Gard is an infant, diagnosed with a fatal disease and currently on life-support in a British hospital. His parents wish to take him to the US for an experimental treatment, but an arrogant British judge has been blocking their attempts over some Eurocrat so-called Death With Dignity statute. Pope Francis brought the case to world attention and---according to some sources---spoke to President Trump about it as well.

      This vile British barrister, according to Metro UK News, is digging in his heels and snorting about Yankees and Romanists not telling him what to do. A typical Leftist hypocrite.

      But there are positive signs on the horizon. The Pope's activism has prompted 37 EU parliamentarians to sign an open letter to PM May; and group led by Father Patrick Mahoney gathered at Buckingham Palace to present a request for intervention by the Queen. And Trump's pressure on London is also bearing fruit: the British announced that there is a loophole in their laws which may allow officials to circumvent the Court if the Americans provide evidence that our treatments have a 'reasonable chance of success'. So it is quite likely that the Gards will be able to come here, after all this red tape is sorted out. This is a sad specimen of what 50 years of Socialism does to a country's leadership. It's seriously doubtful whether Disraeli, Lloyd George, or Churchill would have spent much time debating with foolish bureaucrats over this.

      The story also illustrates what kind of fundamental change has happened in the White House. Whatever happens to Charlie Gard, President Trump deserves credit for this kind of humanitarian intervention. Recall that just a decade or so ago, we had the Terry Schiavo Case which was very similar. That case ended tragically after a villainous judge ordered Schiavo cold-bloodedly murdered in the most inhumane fashion. Though former Pope John Paul II also spoke out, the RINO Bush Brothers---President Junior and Governor Jeb---turned a blind eye to the horrid proceedings.

       Not so President Trump. And his actions should a warning to ghoulish Leftists as to how he will act if another Schiavo Case comes up in the US. It illustrates once again that ending the reign of the Deep State effects everyone on a personal level.

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