Saturday, July 8, 2017


     RINO UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is once again undermining the President's foreign policy and usurping his authority. After a week of feuding between the White House and CNN, Haley appeared on that network to disparage the historic meeting between Presidents Putin and Trump before a hostile audience. This occurred only a few months after President Trump warned Haley to stop speaking out-of-turn.

      After the meeting, both Trump and Putin acknowledged that the fake-news about Russian election-hacking had been discussed, and that Trump accepted Putin's denial. Even the Corporate Media is beginning to back off 'Russiagate'; especially since CNN itself was caught by Project Veritas fabricating most of their stories and sources for ratings.

      So Haley instead betrayed the President by going to his avowed enemies and spinning the story as though Trump had covered up 'Russiagate' and demanded that Putin cease interfering.

      "Everybody knows that Russia meddled in the election." Haley spouted the DNC talking-points, "They're not just doing this in the US, but in multiple countries to sow international chaos."

       Haley also stated falsely that Trump accused Putin of election-meddling and demanded that he stop. She expressed hope that other nations would follow suit and begin resisting Russia.

        This isn't the first time that Haley has sold out to Left-Wing interests. As governor of South Carolina, she initiated the nationwide ban on Confederate flag displays and supported the removal of historic Civil War monuments. She also came out in favor of Open Borders and was originally a supporter of Jeb Bush. As UN Ambassador, she's frequently presented false evidence---provided by Soros-funded front groups---against various countries like Syria and North Korea which have led to actual and near armed conflicts.

        Republican Party and Conservative activists should not overlook this latest affront to President Trump. Haley crossed a definite line by going to the President's enemies and misrepresenting his position on Russia. We urge all Trump-supporters to demand that President and GOP leadership remove Nikki Haley from office at once and fill the UN seat with someone who supports the President and his positions.

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  1. She is an open borders RINO. Wake up people, she is not some kind of 'warrior princess' hero saving the day @ the UN. She cast a vote on behalf of President Trump. Look at her track record in S Carolina.