Wednesday, July 19, 2017


       The Anti-Defamation League published a good article recently exposing provocateurs undermining American Conservatism. The article was quite balanced in its approach: pointing out especially that the so-called 'Alt-Right' is a movement distinct from traditional Conservatism. "Overt racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, misogyny, and anti-Moslem bigotry" : extremist ideas long banned from Conservative discourse have been thrust into the mainstream, the article notes. They correctly point out as well that these groups "reject mainstream Conservatism and its followers, to whom they often refer as 'cucks'".

       So Vox Day---who boasts that he coined the 'Cuckservative' canard---threw an online tantrum over the ADL article for profiling him and several of his confederates.

        "I do not post misogynistic diatribes here or anywhere else" Vox protests, "And it is a shameless lie to say that I do."

         Is he being serious here? A unabashed advocate of the misogynist theory of Game, Vox has praised Jihadists for their treatment of women. Vox believes firmly in pseudoscientific notions like hypergamy. Here's a specimen of Vox' non-misogynist diatribes:

       "A few acid-burned faces is a small price to pay for lasting marriages, stable families, legitimate children...homogenous societies, and demographic stability." or this gem, "If left up to women, they will kill their societies rather than forego the pleasures of Alpha-chasing." Or another real beauty: "It is surely educational to learn that raping and killing a woman is demonstrably more attractive to women than behaving like a gentleman...It is an established, empirical fact."

        Even more laughably, Vox goes on to state that he is not a White Supremacist. Besides his constant Jew-baiting and references to Dindus, Coalburners, and Mudsharks; Vox was expelled from the Science Fiction Writers Association for publically saying to a Black female critic: "self-defense laws have been put in place to let Whites defend their lives and property from half-savages like her." Vox has also praised Anders Brievik as a hero.

       "Conservatives and Independents must now choose for what and with whom they will stand" Vox once asserted, "a diverse USA, globalism, and the Left; or a White America, nationalism and the Alt-Right. There are no other meaningful options."

      How could the ADL possibly have seen misogyny or White Supremacy in any of that?

       The ADL article also mentioned two other prominent Red Pill cultists: Andrew Anglin and Matt Forney. Like Vox; these two have fled the United States to Europe and are now feeding the extremism of the European Far Right to Americans as some kind of New Conservatism.

       America, though, was founded largely by peoples escaping the crackpot ideologies that come out of European political cesspools. Anarchism, Jacobinism, Monarchism, Bonapartism, Communism, Socialism, Naziism, Fascism, these are the 'ideals' that have come out of Europe---and the EU today is supposed to be the crowning success of all these failed theories. America alone stood for self-government; and however one slices it, the so-called Alt-Right does not.


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