Sunday, July 9, 2017


     Following the dynamic meeting between Presidents Putin and Trump; the President of China, Xi Jinping held a much-awaited meeting with the US leader. Relations between the two countries have hit a few roadblocks. The RINOs in the State and Defense Departments have continued Obama's policies of pressuring China by military and economic provocation.

      Xi impressed upon Trump the futility of continuing these policies. He expressed considerably empathy, though, with Trump's position vis-à-vis his own. "The Sino-US relationship is determined by reality, not by tough rhetoric." said a spokesman for the Chinese Government, "Beijing is willing to develop stable ties with Washington and meanwhile stick to its bottom line on issues concerning his national interest. This has determined Beijing's attitude on matters that Washington is concerned about. The US' China policy---intertwined with different interests---is often unpredictable...Washington will gradually realize that Beijing has little room to make concessions in the face of US pressure."

     Trump seemed more or less inclined to agree, calling the meeting 'excellent.' The main accomplishment of the meeting is that both countries agreed to set up a bilateral high-level commission to work out US-China economic policy and prevent escalations in tensions. This was a brilliant move on Trump's part. The new commission will allow Trump considerable latitude to deal with China pragmatically without pressure from American anti-China interests. The first meeting is scheduled for July 19th.

      "There are still forces in US strategic circles calling for being tough on China. They like neither China nor Trump, and instigate Trump to counter China. They hope that the Washington-Beijing relationship will see major problems. The Trump Administration has not been as tough on China as expected. This annoys those who wanted to see more of Trump's aggressive personality displayed towards China."

       Absolutely. Once again, the editors of The Global Times see the issue with twice the clarity of the US Corporate Media. Trump, as a businessman, completely understands the mentality of the Chinese leadership---which is essentially a corporation itself. The problem that Trump has encountered is that both the majority of his constituents and his enemies in the Deep State are deeply anti-Chinese. Obama especially hated and envied the Chinese owing to his childhood in Indonesia and days as a Chicago 'activist'. This came out in his foreign policy very clearly.

        Trump and Xi are both economically-minded men who'd rather cooperate in mutually profitable trade than engage in a mutually destructive war. That could refer both to trade wars or military conflict. As Xi stated, this is reality, not rhetoric. We've reached a point in world history where Sino-US conflict is mutually assured destruction, whether hardliners on either side of the Pacific like it or not.

          This isn't to say that Xi doesn't deal with anti-American elements in the CPC as well---there is still a strong Maoist faction in Chinese politics who are locked in a Cold War mentality. That's why this bilateral commission was such a master-stroke by Trump. It allows for a gradual---but necessary---thaw in relations much like the US-Soviet Détente pioneered by the Nixon Administration. We never had such a directed dialogue with China, but it is none to late to begin. 

        The two presidents also discussed North Korea, THAAD, and the pending Taiwan arms' deal. Nothing was really resolved on these issues other than a resolution by both parties to refrain from any unilateral actions. Overall, though, the meeting was a success and Xi Jinping clearly has greater respect for Trump than for Obama. 

         Trump also announced at G-20 that he planned to visit China sometime later this year for the two leaders' third summit in less than one year. 


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