Wednesday, July 5, 2017


    Red Pill ringleader Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer wasn't celebrating Independence Day, but he was celebrating nonetheless. A 33 year-old celebrity named Stevie Ryan---who'd been struggling with clinical depression---committed suicide by hanging over the weekend. The Red Pill Cult, with Anglin in the lead, are gloating over this tragedy like a bunch of cannibals dancing around a stew-pot.

     Stevie Ryan, from what I've read of her, was a self-made star. She was popular on Youtube before going to Hollywood. We don't know much of her personal history, but experience has taught us that whoever the Red Pills gang up upon probably has a number of redeeming qualities.

     Anglin---who in contrast has no redeeming qualities---says of Miss Ryan: "I salute Stevie for doing what needed to be done. All childless 30+ women want to die, as their lives have no meaning. They are past the age when men give a s--t about them, and they are without any purpose in their lives...I hope that more childless women over 30 will begin hanging themselves, so that young women can see that {edited: a vulgar Red Pill term for a 'hypergamous' slut} all through their 20s has an extremely high price tag. But of course no one tells women that when they hit 30 their magic powers to command men are gone; and all they are left with is a dried-up womb with nobody to love them. And obviously women are way too f-----g stupid to figure that s--t out by themselves. But a wave of suicides by prominent childless old maids might get the discussion started!"

      Anglin's solution for this dilemma is to impose White Sharia on the United States; that is, marrying off daughters to willing husbands. This of course has never been practiced or was ever established law in the US. Outside of royal families, most of Western Civilization gave up this practice sometime during the 12th or 13th Century. Our allegedly uncivilized ancestors also tended to frown on people who celebrated and advocated suicide.

        The Red Pills and many in the Alt-Right consider Anglin an authority on Christianity. Whatever he is, Christian he is not. Hatred has blinded both him and his disciples to the point where they've become parodies of themselves and they can't even see it. Everything that he wrote in the passage above is a description of what he and his followers have turned themselves into; and they project all of this self-loathing onto women like the unfortunate Miss Ryan. If we examine the characters of the Third Reich, we see that they engaged in exactly the same kind of projection: which likely explains the natural affinity between Nazi and Red Pill philosophies.

         Conservative and Christian leaders need to expose these false philosophies. Like many of us over a certain age, we probably assumed that these tendencies died out after the Second World War. What we've forgotten are the facts made clear during the War Crimes trials of the late 1940s. It's a short step from the kind of cruelty and viciousness in language to the same words being translated into actions. The Nazi experiment showed the truth of the old maxim that we are never but a generation or two from Barbarism. When Anglin says that women over 30 are useless and should die, there is no shortage among his readers who'd gladly carry out a policy like that should it ever become law. The Word is father to the Deed and always has been.




  1. That poor girl.

    Some of those red pills are just disgusting. That kind of evil reminds me of maggots and spoiled food. To watch it play out as some kind of example of Christianity is horrific, and totally false too.

    So if you dehumanize women over 30 and advocate doing them harm, some misguided and damaged soul is likely to come along and use it to rationalize doing harm to older women.

    I think I was 36 when we had our last kid too, so these guys can't even get basic biology right. Women older than that have gone on to have healthy children.

    1. I had one child while in my twenties, two more in my thirties, and one when I was forty -- all of them perfectly healthy. But I find the notion that a woman's life is worthless if she is single and/or childless every bit as imbecilic as the notion that female fertility ends at 30. And the idea that anyone would celebrate a suicide is absolutely repugnant.

    2. My great-grandmother married in her mid-teens and had healthy offspring (12) until she was nearly 50. She may have had more if her husband hadn't been killed in the war. She went on to raise 7 kids as a single mom. If some pipsqueak like Anglin told her that she was worthless; she'd probably have broken a rolling-pin over his head.