Thursday, July 13, 2017


     In their never-ending quest to save Western Civilization by promoting manhood, the gang at the Red Pill Cult blog Return of Kings are always on to new and valuable insights. Return of Kings is run by manly Alpha leader, Roosh Valizdeh. Roosh has various guest authors from time to time, among whom is Troy Francis. Francis' major contribution to elevating standards of Western masculinity was a famous article titled, How to Get More Sex with Alpha Douchebag Club Game.

     So Francis is at it again, with an ROK piece titled How to be the A******e that Beautiful Women Love. Francis' really brilliant insight for the betterment of men is that cultivating the Dark Triad approach to life and relationships isn't sufficient. Now for those unfamiliar with it, the Dark Triad is a malignant neurotic complex characterized by Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychopathy. The Red Pills---who pose as the leaders restoring Christianity, masculinity, and Americanism teach young men to cultivate those traits: mostly in their dealings with women but in business and political relationships as well.

     Francis asserts that what men really need is a Dark Tetrad because the missing element in the old behavioral model is Sadism. It's not enough simply to be an egotistical, manipulative maniac---a real man should enjoy himself while hurting and destroying others. 

      Francis also believes that the amoral psychopath should cultivate radical differentiation that is; rise above the herd of ordinary jerks. His bottom line to all this is that success with women comes from a complete indifference to the will of God or Man.

      So what kinds of males would be attracted to a philosophy like that? Just read some of the comments afterwards:

     "Totally agree. Female beauty is evil."

     "The 'scars on your character' will prevent women from reducing you to a disrespected and wounded mess. It is essentially self-defense."

      "Women's value has dramatically decreased for me since I discovered the Red Pill."

      "Women are attracted to an a*******e because he mimics their own psychology."

      "The one-way ticket to hot women is not to give a f*** about their feelings."

       Does anybody see any redeeming value in any this? No---our civilization was built on the monogamous family and needs that same unit intact to survive. This doesn't come by teaching men to behave like barbarians---no matter how refined their barbarity is. Men are the providers and the protectors of women and families: that's how a culture grows strong. Francis is advocating behaviors even lower than the ape. At least apes are simply motivated by instinct. Mankind should not only know better; but it is categorically evil not only to behave like lower animals but employ our divine gifts of Reason to invent methods to exceed lower animals' behaviors with deliberate cruelty. 

        If it's true that women today are pursing toxic men, then our society needs to do a better job of educating women. Maybe some fathers and brothers should set examples against Hollywood's glorification of the Thug Culture. Maybe instead of cultivating the Dark Triad, single men should set some standards. Becoming the kind of man whom all real men despise doesn't make anybody an 'Alpha'.

        The real shame of this is that sites like Return of Kings is given credence by many prominent commentators in the Conservative Movement. It's not a Conservative site, by any means. The Dark Triad represents behaviors we've grown accustomed to seeing from the Left: including, and especially, Sadism. We gain nothing by becoming like that.


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