Monday, July 17, 2017


      In their tireless efforts to emulate all of the slimy tactics of the Far Left, the so-called Alt-Right have started what they've called book bombing. Basically this tactic is a variation of what the Left does: having their minions order a certain book en masse to inflate sales volumes and make the author appear more popular (and actually be much richer) than he would be on a less-manipulated economic playing field.

       Red Pill cult leaders Vox Day and Dalrock have been out in the lead encouraging their gullible and ever-obedient disciples to 'book bomb' a writing titled The LawDog Files. Of course, this book is published by Castalia House, a shady Red Pill front-company run by Vox Day.

       If the book is anywhere nearly as badly written as Law Dog's blog, it's not surprising that nobody other than Castalia House would touch it. Herein lies part of the problem.

       The publishing industry is indeed in need of serious reform. Nepotism, ghost-writing, gaming the statistics, trolling/bribing literary critics: these are problems which the industry in general is struggling with. However, contrary to Alt-Right propaganda, it is not impossible to get works published---even material that doesn't fit the PC narrative. There publishing houses that cater specifically to Conservative and Christian audiences; and even some of the 'mainstream' companies will publish Conservative authors with a large following. And it certainly doesn't cure the industry's ills by adding even more ills into the system.  

      These Alt-Right/Red Pill writers---most of whose writing is so bad that no reputable publisher would accept it---do what they always do and adopt the unethical means of the Left in pursuit of their own ends. We've seen supposed Conservatives acting exactly like Liberals far too often. 'Book Bombing', doxxing critics, planting fake reviews, setting up shill-publishers, trolling competitors: these are what Liberals do. Conservatism doesn't need fakery like this because its truth stands on its own merits.

        The Right is not about 'Trash Culture' like the so-called Alt-Right promotes. Conservatism gained and grew during the mid-to-late 20th Century because we had leaders like Buckley, Reagan, Goldwater, and others who always took the high road. In fact these types took special effort to distance the Movement from kooks and crackpots---unlike the Liberals who'd take anyone with a 'cause'.

        Liberalism always appeals to the lowest common societal denominator; and thus it employs tactics which such a demographic would applaud. The Left does this because its leaders have a such an abjectly low opinion of humanity that they don't think that we  deserve anything better. Hillary Clinton's 2016 Campaign was a textbook example of this kind of hubris.

        Conservatism, by contrast, appeals to people's better natures and their sense of fair play. The key to Buckley's and Reagan's success was that they talked to us like educated and principled adults. They presumed that their audiences weren't stupid or immoral. The Alt-Right, however, has exactly the same social attitudes as Liberals---they believe that everyone other than themselves are fools who have to be forced or tricked into doing whatever is supposedly for their own good.

        We Conservatives need not only to condemn unethical tactics like 'book bombing' on the Left; but especially have no part of it when crackpots do it in the name of the Right. All that these clowns on the Alt-Right are proving is that the Left has no monopoly on unscrupulous and vulgar behavior.

        But if we want to appeal to the mainstream, we must keep the extremists where they belong---on the fringes.


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