Saturday, July 8, 2017


      So what could be better news than Trump's diplomatic victories against the Deep State at the G-20? How about the news that ISIS' last major Iraqi stronghold has fallen to the Allies? There is jubilation and celebrating throughout Iraq tonight as news from the Front is pouring in that ISIS forces have surrendered Mosul after a nine-month battle.

        The Battle of Mosul ended much the same as the Battle of Aleppo; a spearhead through the center of the ISIS lines split the enemy forces into pockets. The last few ISIS troops chose either 'martyrdom' or surrender---most preferred the latter course.

         ISIS' defeat in Mosul means that the Eastern Theater of Operations in this war is essentially over. The few desert redoubts under ISIS occupation will be gone soon and Iraq will be free of the Jihadi Menace once and for all.

         The Iraqi Government also hopes that their victories will end any further pretexts for Pentagon interference in their internal affairs. General James Mattis abandoned Iraq to ISIS on Obama's orders in 2014. Obama sent troops to Mosul again---over Iraqi objections---in 2016, to try and assume credit for ISIS' defeat. Iraqi forces refused to serve with Pentagon troops, and so our brave men and women in uniform were mostly confined to base doing photo-ops and occasionally interfering with Allied operations.

       Commander Kareem Al-Nouri of the Shiite Militias stated that "Washington wants to have a share in the final victory announcement against ISIS and benefit from it. But I have to emphasize that this victory belongs to the Iraqi people and that the United States did not play any role in it."

      The credit indeed belongs to the Iraqi people. After Mattis' poltroonery, 2/3 of the country fell to ISIS. The Iraqi Army was demoralized under a decade of Pentagon political correctness. Then, with Russian equipment and Chinese and Iranian advisors---and most importantly, the united support of the Iraqi people---the tide turned and turned rapidly. Iraqis formed militias: Shiite, Christian, Kurdish, and fought side-by-side with the Iraqi Army. In ISIS-held cities, men and women resisted ISIS, serving as snipers, saboteurs, and spies at the risk of their own lives.

      Mosul was the first major city captured by ISIS and was the first capital of the so-called 'Islamic State'. ISIS Supreme Commander Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi proclaimed himself 'Caliph' there in 2014. The whereabouts of Baghdadi remain unknown; several witnesses reported seeing him in Mosul during the battle. Whether alive or dead, the 'Caliphate' is doomed; and that is the important thing.

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