Wednesday, July 26, 2017


       The so-called Manosphere has given rise to a cultish, anti-Christian movement steeped in the Game, PUA, and Dark Triad philosophies. The writers among the sectaries have taken to calling themselves 'Alt-Christian' lately. Now logically anything that would be an alternative to Christ is---on the authority of no less than St. John the Apostle---the spirit of antichrist.

       The leaders of this movement---who fake being men's rights advocates and fake being Conservatives---circumvent this intellectual difficulty by faking Christianity. They claim to be the vanguard of a movement to restore and reform Christianity, which they claim has been 'cucked'; 'converged'; or otherwise co-opted by SJWs and Feminists. Part of this is effected by taking the most extreme definitions of Liberalism and Feminism possible and juxtaposing their own radicalism against it. By their definitions women like Sarah Palin and Mary Kassian are 'feminists' and the Vatican and Southern Baptist Convention full of SJWs.

       Dalrock---a blogger who's one of the main ringleaders of this cult---routinely attacks other prominent Christian leaders as converged so as to lure unsuspecting souls away from faith into his heretical movement. His latest target is Pastor Doug Wilson---a Protestant minister with a large following, especially among Christian Conservatives. Wilson recently wrote an article titled 'The 21 Theses of Submission in Marriage'.  While it might be a bit of a stretch to use the term theses, it's overall sound marriage advice and doctrinally in line with Christian positions on the subject.

      But Dalrock takes issue with Wilson on two points: one is Wilson's suggestion that "when male leaders are tyrants, fools, and scoundrels, godly women will have as much objection to it as godly men do" and that such women have a perfect right to do something about it. Dalrock's second objection is that Wilson dares suggest that male feminists and sexually libertine men had any part in imposing Feminism on Western Culture. Dalrock claims that this opinion "doesn't even pass the laugh test" and snorts that things like Feminist policy in the Military couldn't be the work of men. As if Barack Obama, Ash Carter, John Kerry, and General McMaster had absolutely nothing to do with it.

       Dalrock's religion is essentially a Male Supremacy cult. In the comments section to his article against Wilson, he makes this astonishing statement: "{A wife's} Submission is, as we are told, something special. It is a matter of the heart and faith...the husband's obligation to love, however, is different, as the heart and faith aren't involved."

         No, readers, this is not a typographical error. Dalrock actually said that.

         Roughly this is the same type of 'biblical' interpretation that was preached in the Antebellum South about the relationship between slave and master. And women are not much above chattel slaves in the Game Cult's scheme of things. The shame and disgrace here is that our slaveholding forefathers at least have the mitigating factor of living in an unenlightened era. Our generation, though, should know better.

         After Dalrock's minions launched a troll storm on Wilson's blog, Wilson responded with a good rebuttal to the outraged cultists. "It is a mistake of the highest order to think that the opposite of cowardly male coyness is to stand on the recliner in one's man-cave beating one's chest. That is not how Christ loved the Church either."

         Stung by this rebuke, Dalrock flew into a rage and wrote an ill-thought-out piece accusing Pastor Wilson of intellectual dishonesty: among many other projections.

          Some of the older generations of theologians believed that the 1st Epistle of St. John was the first Catechism of the Church. It wouldn't hurt people listening to the Dalrock-types to re-read that book in its entirety. St. John has a lot to say about distinguishing false teachers from the true ones; and by the Apostle's standards, it's Dalrock---not Wilson---who comes up short.


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