Wednesday, July 5, 2017


    Sputnik News had an interesting article the other day about a growing relationship trend in the West. An increasing number of men, it seems, have decided that women can be replaced with machinery. To that end, machines designed to replicate human females are being designed and developed and technology is apparently speeding up their life-like qualities.

     The Sputnik article focuses on Japan---where the mischief first started---but the whole concept has been floating around the Manosphere and its Red Pill Cult for some time. The first of these androids was developed by Japanese robotics engineer who actually married his prototype, Michiko. He went on to found his own company; and according to the article gets about 2,000 orders annually in the Japanese Empire alone. In spite of the fact that Japanese women are regarded as among the world's most beautiful and intelligent females, Japanese men have never really valued them much. Their Shinto Cult is only concerned with women's abilities to breed warriors and workers for the Emperor. Fortunately however for normal Western men, Japanese affluence and female legal equality allows these lovelies to escape to other lands and marry Westerners---which they do in large numbers.

      But not all Western men are normal; and despite the mutual racial hatred, the Shintos and Red Pills have a respectful admiration for each other. Vox Day, for example, rhapsodizes endlessly about a future "god-emperor on his cherry-blossom throne." Like Hirohito. The Shintos even have their own version of MGTOW, for some reason the term translates as Grazers, or Grass-Eaters. Both philosophies are deeply racist, despise femininity, and fetishize the so-called 'Alpha' male. Both are also prone to violent fanaticism: it was the Japanese who first employed suicide bombers as a war tactic; among other barbarities copied by modern terrorists.

         So it's hardly surprising that the Red Pill kooks fantasize about the day when women will become obsolete. Eve---created by God---isn't good enough for them; hence they must re-create women in their own image instead. The idea isn't even new with them; Hollywood produced a few comedies on the subject:

           But no matter how one slices it; we're essentially describing here a technologically advanced form of Autoeroticism. If, as some Manospherians predict, future machines will have even more advanced capabilities like Artificial Intelligence, Artificial wombs, and volitional motility, they are still going to be machines, and nothing more. The idea really can't appeal to anyone except those with deeply narcissistic personalities. Real women are mysterious, intriguing, and attractive because they have souls. Robots simply do as programmed. As embarrassing as it is for the Red Pills to admit this; even transgender women would be a better choice than a robot. 

          These are not even flesh-and-blood women, but constructed of silicone and electric wires. I cannot imagine that combination is an especially sexually attractive smelling one. Silicone is used for things like repairing tires and caulking bathtubs. It has a distinctive smell that is difficult to remove---like the inside of boats and camping trailers where it is also extensively used.

            Narcissism is very apparent in the statements made by the Japs about their 'relationships'. "Human beings are so demanding." one complained, "People always want something from you like money or commitment."

         Of course, provision and commitment are what separates men from boys, but some never grow out of this mindset.

           "I'll never date a real woman again. They're heartless." another noted, apparently oblivious to the fact that robots don't have hearts.

           Proponents of artificial women believe in hypergamy---hence they imagine that robots will lack this trait; again oblivious to the fact that it doesn't exist in human females either. With artificial intelligence---i.e. computers for brains---robots may make logical choices which might involve infidelity.

           This is why these subjects were always portrayed in Hollywood comedies; never dramas. A real relationship between a human and a robot is impossible on any level.


          The obvious flaw in Red Pill logic is assuming that---since they are perfect---a robot programmed by them will be perfect too. What will happen instead is that all their negative attitudes will get transferred to a machine. In real life, a partner compliments her other; she has qualities he lacks (and vice-verse) so in that sense can compensate where a man is lacking. A robot instead will reinforce such negative traits. Thus once again, the Red Pills are going to be 'out-gamed' because---as always---they are their own worst enemies.



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