Sunday, July 2, 2017


     The Corporate Media and their confederates in the Deep State desperately fear losing Obamacare. The massive amount of corruption which has already been uncovered has been ignored intentionally by the MSM. How many people knew, for example, that HHS Secretary Price recently hosted a public forum to hear how Obamacare had impacted small businesses?

       The last few months, we've chronicled some of the monthly cases of Obamacare fraud and abuse uprooted by HHS inspectors. June was certainly no exception, but the Department provided us as well with a six-month tally. Since Trump took office, HHS has recorded a whopping 2,326 indictments and recovered over two and one-half billion dollars that otherwise never would have been noticed.

     One has to wonder--- after watching Anarchist chumps out protesting Trump in the streets today--- why they don't want to see Obamacare scrapped. This level of corruption is bad enough: but consider too that this is only what so far has been discovered. Secretary Price noted that most of these cases were uncovered by routine investigation; but a significant number were exposed by whistleblowers. The Secretary encouraged people involved in healthcare to come forward; stating that HHS has established a Whistleblower Ombudsman Office for this express purpose.

      Combatting fraud is not the only achievement of Price's HHS. At the beginning of June, HHS allocated $70 million in federal grants dedicated to fighting the opioid epidemic. The Department also opened a contest for entrepreneurs to design a new medical privacy system.

      HHS also announced that it has begun audits of an Obama-Era program (due to expire in 2018) funding healthcare facilities in developing countries. The first company examined was found in violation of nine funding regulations and ordered to pay $181,000 in restitution.

      Let's hope the second six months have some more good news.


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