Saturday, July 2, 2016


    In an exclusive interview with RT  News, Scottish politician David Coburn debunked anti-BREXIT propaganda fomented by the American Media Cartels, and denounced continual Beltway meddling in British internal political affairs. Coburn stressed that Britain's independence is genuine; and that the British people are increasingly united against foreign interest groups and their plots to subvert British sovereignty.

   "BREXIT is absolutely essential. It is the will of the British people." Coburn stated. "I don't care much what Mr. Kerry says. If the Americans are going to start interfering in our affairs as they interfered in the Middle East, they are going to get a pretty robust response from the British people."

    American political pundits---who are largely paid by think-tanks funded by the same Wall Street concerns who fund the Mainstream Media---would have us believe that most Britons would really rather go back to the EU. This is not the case, as Coburn points out, "These are the same people who told us that BREXIT would never happen." In fact, many post-BREXIT political experts in the UK believe that Obama's arrogant demands and veiled threats about BREXIT helped push undecided voters in to the 'Leave' camp.

      Coburn also dismissed current propaganda about an imminent disunion with Scotland, pointing out that the anti-BREXIT vote in Scotland was hardly a landslide.

      "40% of the Scottish people voted to leave the EU." he noted, adding that in the Scottish referendum on independence, "We decided overwhelmingly to remain in the UK...the majority of people wanted to stay with Great Britain. We've been together for 400 years and brought the rule of law, democracy, and the free market to the entire world. We will stick together. The Scottish First Minister is just playing politics and damaging the Scottish economy."

      He also highlighted the bright economic hopes shared by the British population.

      "We want to be outside the market. There is no need for us to be in the WTO. All of those 1950s ideas of trade are finished...there is no reason why the world's 5th largest economy should not negotiate better deals with anybody else."

        And already economic superpowers like India, China, and Russia are reaching out to the new British leadership offering bilateral agreements of mutual free exchange. Yesterday, one of China's leading export companies predicted that BREXIT would bring lower-cost British goods into China and had already begun independent trade negotiations.

       Coburn also warned his countrymen against being deceived by US propaganda and by the thousands of foreign provocateurs imported into London for this weekend's anti-BREXIT demonstrations.

        "It's not up to the Americans and they should have nothing to do with it. They should mind their own affairs---they've made quite a mess of running the world as they see it."

       Coburn may well have been thinking of the recent outbreaks of political violence in the US---another of which happened yesterday in Denver during a Donald Trump rally. Three people were arrested and a few injuries resulted as masked street thugs scuffled with police. Colorado, it should be noted, has one of the highest rates of narcotic addiction in the US; and mass-shootings and mob violence are regular occurrences in that state.

       Britain is standing united for freedom, and will weather these temporary turbulences as they always have. For the first time since 1972, the UK is poised to become a major world power again. Of course, the effete Cultural Marxists both there and (mostly) abroad will do all in their power to subvert democracy. But the British people are again resisting these efforts and can look forward to a bright future again, free from the ambitions of foreign interests.


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