Monday, July 11, 2016


     The parents of Micah Johnson, the assassin who shot 11 police officers in Dallas on Saturday, gave an interview with The Blaze news journal. Johnson was a member of the US Army, and his case again highlights the deep problems in today's Pentagon, with criminal behavior rife among service personnel.

       According to Johnson's parents, Johnson returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan "a changed man". 

       "It was not what Micah thought it would be...what he thought the military represented, it just didn't live up to his expectations." his mother told the media.

        She is referring to a Pentagon Culture which essentially has sacrificed military traditions on behalf of Political Correctness. Following the Vietnam War, the Reagan Administration rebuilt the US military into a disciplined and professional defense force. Thirty years, though, of political corruption and social engineering have more or less ethnically cleansed the US military of professional soldiers and converted it into a slurry of feminist and homosexual activists, shady defense contractors, criminals and drug-pushers, foreign mercenaries, and Islamic fundamentalists.

          Johnson himself was charged with sexual harassment in Afghanistan, with the Army recommending a Dishonorable Discharge. Given the way the Pentagon protects criminals within its ranks today, the act must have been quite serious. Even Johnson's military lawyer admitted"This was highly unusual, because typically counseling is ordered before such drastic steps are taken. In his case, it was apparently so egregious that more than the act itself was involved. I'm sure the guy was the black sheep of his unit."

          Johnson's case is not unusual, as we have seen from recent events, the US military has become a breeding-ground for crime. At the base on Okinawa, it has reached such proportions that Japan has had to assume policing duties. Within the last month, a Navy SEAL was arrested for murder after a knife-fight in Santa Monica; another soldier was arrested for international arms trafficking. A former colonel was arrested this week for fraud connected with military wages he received while serving a term in a military prison and an Admiral was disgraced for perjury in connection with a bribery and smuggling operation. 

           Unfortunately, the American Government-Media Complex has made any criticism of our brave men and women in uniform tantamount to blasphemy. To the average American, anybody who puts on a military costume is automatically a hero; regardless of any other factor. This is typical thinking in a nation of moral cowards who prefer reaping the profits off military adventurism to taking responsibility for national defense.

            So it's very unlikely that military reforms will occur any time in the near future. Meanwhile, the quality of military personnel will continue to decline, as the Beltway and Wall Street continue to stoke global tensions. The fact that another Micah Johnson could be sitting right now at the console of a ballistic missile battery on the Russian or Chinese border doesn't even register in the average Ameroboob's consciousness.

             No, instead Americans are fighting among themselves in the city streets, merrily downing their drugs and making sure that their own profit margins are protected. And seeking ways to grab some cheap and easy sex on the side. And the Government-Media Complex goes on laughing in their sleeves all the way to the bank.  


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