Tuesday, July 12, 2016


     Predictably, the Obama Administration is making arrogant demands on China following the Hague's kangaroo-court decision yesterday over jurisdiction in the Nansha Islands. The Chinese announced their intention to stand firm and defend its territory---by military means, if necessary.

     The LGBTQ-friendly US Navy however, in the midst of all this peacocking, suffered another humiliation in Iran. Reuters News (a subsidiary of Thomson-Reuters, a major US military and security contractor) reported this morning that US warship were chased out of the Strait of Hormuz by Iranian gunboats.

    The USS New Orleans and its escort, the USS Stout, fled the scene when the Iranian ships came within 500 yards of them. According to Reuters, there were 650 Marines on board the US ships, including one their generals, Joseph Votel. The US presence in the Strait was unspecified. But the USMC is still reeling from their last encounter with Iran, wherein the few, the proud, were videotaped kneeling, crying and begging for their lives before the Iranian military.

     A visibly shaken General Votel told the press upon disembarking that while such interactions occur regularly, "what I learned today is that such interactions can be measured in minutes," an obvious statement that all real soldiers actually understand. Maybe if USMC generals spent more time studying military tactics and less celebrating diversity, they would know how to handle such matters.

      The Iranian Navy confirmed the reports. Speaking to Fars News Service, Iranian Coast Guard Commander Ali Tangsiri stated that "monitoring foreign vessels in regions where the Iranian Navy conducts operations is not a new policy. We are tasked to monitor every vessel in these waters, especially those enemies of the Islamic Republic; and most especially those of the US, the Great Satan."

       He noted as well that such monitoring has been carried out for years, and that Western media hysteria over such encounters is calculated only to raise tensions and distract Americans even further from reality. Iranian Admiral Ali Fadavi agrees.

        "The US has entered the Persian Gulf with all its military power, respects the authority of our high-speed gunboats." the Admiral noted. "Despite its military power, US Naval commanders fear our speedboats because they understand that these small-sized boats carry destructive power capable of destroying the much larger American warships."

         The Iranian Admiral is referring to new naval technologies---also employed by the Chinese Navy---built around high-powered gunships and submarines. The Pentagon, in contrast, prefers large, inefficient vessels, which largely became obsolete after WW2.

        This incident should give Americans pause to consider Obama's likely reaction in the South China Sea Dispute. The Chinese military is considerably more formidable than its Iranian counterpart. If our brave men and women in uniform are afraid of the Iranians, they will prove worse than useless in a confrontation with China.

          Ideologies have consequences. A government cannot pursue a policy of emasculating the military and simultaneously command respect from foreign militaries. As logical as that is, though it is a notion lost on the average American, whose idea of American military power is shaped by Hollywood and Corporate Media propaganda, and has no grounding in reality.   

                                           The Rainbow-Pride Pentagon Escapes Again

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