Sunday, July 31, 2016


     In its ongoing efforts to purge masculinity from its ranks, the Rainbow-Pride US Navy announced this week that it is naming a newly-commissioned destroyer in honor of homosexual politician Harvey Milk. But, like when Michelle Obama christened an all-girl submarine a few years ago, this likely won't cause any controversy either.

     Pentagon Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, who's made it a point to name other naval vessels after social activists like Medger Evars and Caesar Chavez has even invented a new naval classification for destroyers named for labor leader John Lewis. Among other ships in this class, Earl Warren, Sojourner Truth, and Lucy Stone all will have ships named for them.

     On the one hand, one has to wonder at this point whether naval vessels named for homosexuals and other politically-correct figures aren't about what modern American servicemen actually deserve. We are talking here about sailors who cry and kneel in front of Iranian Coast Guardsman. Or Marines who crawl under their desks and dial 911 when faced with a lone gunman. Or Naval leaders who get caught in smuggling and bribery operations run by Singaporean gangsters. Those guys.

      The military has reached this point too without a peep of protest from the American public. Unfortunately, a nation's military does reflect its people. That our military is made up of gangbangers, girls wanting to men, the Gay Mafia, pajama-boys, perverts, and drug addicts is because that is what American society now looks like.

       The subject is depressing to contemplate, however in September we will have an opportunity to see some real navies in action. The Chinese and Russia are going to conduct a joint naval exercise in the South China Sea in about six weeks. The revamped Russian Pacific Fleet---based at a state-of-the-art facility on Sakhalin Island---has already demonstrated some of its capabilities in demonstrations off the coasts of Alaska and Hawaii earlier this year. But Ameroboobs were too busy beating each other up at political rallies to notice.

      For its part, China has unveiled some of its new state-of-the-art destroyers. The Chinese Navy really excels in submarine technology. On several occasions, they have surfaced undetected within torpedo range of American ships. Once, when Obama was in Alaska, the Chinese Navy sent a task force undetected into the Bering Sea. Obama was in range of their missiles. But Ameroboobs shrug off things like these.

      What the United States has essentially become is what one writer called An Armed Madhouse. Unlike dangerous regimes of the past, where the populations were essentially decent but controlled by rogue governments, we have the world's best form of government controlled by a rogue populace. An unpleasant fact, but a fact nonetheless. Our system is not broken. Our system is functioning perfectly. It would be easy to point an accusing finger at Barack Obama or Ray Mabus, but they are products of a degenerate culture that put them in positions of power. Simply put, we cannot have a culture that depreciates gender roles, with dumbed-down, politically correct schools and a media worshipping force and fraud with a win-at-all-costs attitude and expect that will produce virile, red-blooded professional military men motivated by patriotism and other high ideals. Nor can we expect it in any other cultural institution.

       Can things really turn around here? Can we make America great again? The short answer is that, unless we collectively start rediscovering our national ideals again, we cannot.


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