Monday, July 25, 2016


    The Democratic Party Convention opened today in Philadelphia; and somehow everybody seems shocked that the Clinton Campaign was engaged in corruption. One of Hilary Clinton's radical feminist cohorts, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, resigned as Party Chairwoman yesterday.

      The resignation came after a series of scandals. First, the apparent shake-down of a sitting US Attorney General by ex-President Clinton, resulting in Mrs. Clinton escaping indictment for war crimes in Libya. Then there was the mysterious death of Seth Rich. Rich handled a voter database which some Sanders supporters claimed had been tampered with. He was shot and killed under mysterious circumstances on July 11th.

      The final straw came when courageous whistleblower Julian Assange released to Wiki Leaks evidence of Clinton's and Schultz' collusion on skewing the nomination in Hilary's favor. The American Political Left reacted as it typically does when caught engaging in underhanded schemes: blame the person who exposed them.

      To these ends, the Corporate Media has concocted one of their most ludicrous hoaxes ever. They are claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin was behind the leaked e-mails---supposedly to help Donald Trump. Why President Putin should care whether or not Trump is elected is never explained. Putin has to work with whoever wins, so it makes no sense for him to antagonize a potential president by endorsing their opponent.

      In fact, during the campaign the Russian media seemed to favor Sanders. If that reflects official Russian opinion, it would have made more sense to sabotage Clinton before she got the nomination; assuming that the Putin Administration had either the ability or desire to do so.

      The US Government-Media Complex is engaging in a familiar tactic. Their policy has been to demonize Putin and blacken his character at every opportunity. The reason for this is obvious. Not only does it distract public attention from the Clinton Machine's crimes; it's also in the interests of American Elites to keep the American public from drawing comparisons between our own morally and intellectually bankrupt leadership and the sound and strong leadership in Russia.

      This is especially true of the Democratic Party leadership. Effete Neoliberal men like Obama and Lesbo-Feminists like Hilary Clinton envy and resent Putin (and the Russian leadership generally) because Putin stands tall for every value that the American Left hates. And worse for them still, Putin's masculine leadership and commitment to country and faith has won international admiration while their commitment to Political Correctness has won only international contempt. As proof of this, witness the fact that Crimea and Ossetia have become Russian states within the last two years, while Chechnya, Trans-Dniester, Belarus, and Donbas want to join as well. In contrast, under the fumbling Postmodernist US leadership, no province has become a state since 1959 and there are active secessionist movements in several US states.

       Putin has inspired a generation of dispirited Russian men to become responsible citizens and heads of families again. He has helped revitalize faith again; and today Russia is leading humanitarian relief efforts in Syria, Iraq, and Donbas. Russia's military successes in the Middle East show his leadership in stamping out the Jihadist scourge. Russia is also forming new trade alliances with China in the interests of world peace.

        Hilary Clinton, by contrast, is neurotically obsessed with destroying masculinity. In the 1990s, she introduced the whole 'Gender War' concept into the American mainstream. We now see the ruthless tactics she employed to undermine Senator Sanders, and who can forget her almost demonic gloating after Libyan President Qaddafi was murdered in cold blood---on her orders by American mercenaries---or her vicious actions in Serbia, Ukraine, Egypt and Yemen. The only men with whom she associates are those incapable of earning  respect: her husband Bill, Obama, Tim Kaine, Vince Foster, etc.

        So pay no attention to these canards that Russia is somehow sabotaging American democracy. The Democratic and Republican Parties---along with the US Media, Judiciary, Academia, and Wall Street are sabotaging democracy just fine without any outside help.

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