Saturday, July 9, 2016


     US radio talk-show host Michael Savage raised an interesting question about the Dallas shooting yesterday, which no other media outlet seems to have addressed. Here is his statement:

      "All morning we have been trying to find out if the marching route {i.e., of the protestors} was published prior to the assassination of the Dallas police officers. We cannot find a permit that was filed by Black Lives Matter. We cannot find a record of it in the Dallas City Office. We cannot find it on the Black Lives Matter website. And so, since the parade route was not published in advance, I would assume that only the Black Lives Matter community organizers knew what direction they would be if only a few people knew which direction they would be taking, the assassins were waiting for them. They were set up."

       In complete fairness, people employed by the City of Dallas and probably media organizations would have known the route as well.  However, we cannot dismiss Savage's point easily. Given that the assassin(s) were this well-prepared, somebody had to have provided them with the information---assuming that the route wasn't publicized as Savage claims.

       Let us speak plainly here: there are elements among the Cultural Marxists and others who desire a race war in the United States. White Nationalists and Black Militants speak openly about it, but both these groups are nothing other than useful idiots in the bigger scheme of things.

        Our nation has increasingly fallen under the control of political syndicates and financial oligarchs who have a vested interest in keeping the public fighting among themselves. A united population would focus its attentions on them, and demand accountability. The Cultural Elites don't really care which side 'wins' a race war; in fact, the more violent, more protracted, and more divisive, the better it is for them. There's considerable profit and opportunities for power in an internal conflict---witness for example, how handsomely international organized crime and financial freebooters have profited off of the Syrian Civil War.

        There are definite problems with policing in the United States---though the problems with biased media coverage of police shootings and the Prison-Industrial Complex are a lot worse. However, most problems with our police stem from incompetent and corrupt leadership in local police departments and could be corrected by reforming that.

         Street riots, burning down cities, and gunning down police officers play right into the Cultural Marxists' hands. Compare the issue to foreign policy. What does our government do when Wall Street covets another country's resources? They invent a problem, stir up conflict, and then intervene militarily. Does anyone suppose that, simply because we are American citizens, that they wouldn't employ the same tactics domestically?

         So then, what should American Blacks do? A good suggestion would be to do what they've done historically, and turn to their churches. Recall that the leaders of the mid-20th Century Civil Rights Movement were educated ministers who understood the Black community. The second thing they must do is give up Identity Politics and claim their rights as Americans. These two factors were the reason that the Civil Rights Movement succeeded during the 1960s. Blacks were able to defeat the White Nationalists on their own ground---proving that they, and not the White Nationalists, stood for Christian values and American traditions.

        American Blacks can defeat the Cultural Marxists the same way. Now both the political Left and Right are egging on a Race War, but bear in mind again that they are indifferent to which side would theoretically win such a conflict. They can control, politically and economically, either race equally---which is their ultimate goal. There is no point to winning a war if you don't win anything.




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