Tuesday, July 5, 2016


    In the US, war criminals like Hilary Clinton go free and onto greater and more stupendous crimes; in Iraq they frequently receive justice. In a small village outside of Mosul this weekend, ISIS forces were planning a public execution when a crowd of civilians---mostly women and old people---interrupted the proceedings with rocks and other weapons. Three terrorists were reportedly killed, while the others were chased from the village by the attacking crowd.

      The Iraqi Army, which has been advancing on Mosul, entered the village and took possession of it. Allied news reports state that anti-ISIS riots are occurring in Mosul now with increasing frequency. On several recent occasions, Iraqi patrols have discovered the bodies of ISIS soldiers---including a few of their leaders---just outside the city.

      Mosul is the last major Iraqi city under ISIS control. Ismail Mushin, the Iraqi Ambassador to Russia stated yesterday that less than 10% of Iraq is currently occupied by ISIS, down from around 65% after US forces fled Iraq in 2014. 

       In other war-related news, Allied leaders pledged greater solidarity after the cowardly suicide-attacks in Baghdad killed 213 people this weekend and injured 200 others. As it continues to collapse, ISIS is resorting to ever-more desperate and dishonorable crimes. In Raqqa, Syria last week, it has also been reported that ISIS is attacking with improvised chemical weapons.

       In Western Syria, President Bashir Assad paid a surprise visit to the battlefront in Ghouta, a mostly agricultural region invaded by Al-Qaeda last Spring. Assad shared Iftar (one of the Islamic ceremonial meals) with the troops. Russian humanitarian aid also arrived, bringing aid donated by the people of Chechnya for the families after the Jihadists had burned their farms and crops.

       At last report, about 3/4 of Ghouta had been recovered by Allied forces.

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