Sunday, July 17, 2016


    As we have all seen in the news today, the gangsters calling themselves Police Purge assassinated some more police officers in Baton Rouge. There was an another attempted ambush in Baltimore the day before, which was foiled by some alert police initiative.

     Now all of these thugs in the Political Underworld are converging on Cleveland for this week's Republican Party Convention. The Corporate Media and the Clinton Campaign are gleefully wringing their hands in anticipation of a serious bloodbath in a city which has already suffered the depredations of these mobs twice this year alone. Of course, the Media wants as much destruction of human life and property as possible. Not only is it good for ratings, but many American news outlets are subsidiaries of government contractors heavily invested in the Security/Surveillance State. Mass Violence has become another growth industry here in the Prozac Nation.

     The Democratic Party leadership---specifically Obama, Biden, Clinton, and Kerry---have made a habit of fomenting these kinds of so-called popular uprisings around the globe. Georgia, Egypt, Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, and probably Turkey have all suffered the consequences of their strategy of using criminals and mercenaries as proxies to effect political ends. It shouldn't be taken for granted that a camarilla this ruthless would hesitate to employ the same tactics on American nationals.

       Let us consider a few points that the Corporate Media won't bother to address.

       1. The FBI, the NSA, and other federal police forces know full well the intentions of criminal gangs like Police Purge, Black Lives Matter, The Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, etc. Why have they not suppressed these gangs or arrested their leadership? Answer: They have been told not to. Somebody to whom they answer (i.e. the same people who blocked the Clinton e-mail and Scalia death investigations) would prefer that these gangs not be touched. In other words, they are being used as proxies.

        2. How do these criminal mobs pay for transportation, food, lodging, transporting their weapons and maintaining their drug habits while in Cleveland? Armies are expensive to maintain. Answer: Political and financial oligarchs who have a vested interest in a Race War pay for them.

        It is no argument that the political Right also has its gangs: the White Nationalists, the Skinheads, and these idiotic Bikers-for-Trump clowns. These groups are simply foils for the Left, and points 1 and 2 apply to them as well.

        The ultimate goal of the Cultural Marxists is to create an incident which would justify them disbanding local and state police, and creating a national police force. This has already been proposed by the European Union for the countries under its heel, and some in the Academic Mafia are calling for it here. Bernie Sanders call for community policing is simply PC new-speak for a national secret police.

        Our police departments have some problems, but an American version of the Gestapo is not a solution. How our police need to be reformed is by prying the Cultural Marxist leeches out of the departments. Start hiring men again. Hold to professional conduct. Local, not multijurisdictional control. Promotions and leadership positions based on merit and experience. Protection for whistleblowers. Those reforms are among the basics; merit pay, paperwork reduction, and other reforms would be helpful.

        But none of these things are likely to happen as long as police policies are directed by neo-Marxist fanatics and drug addicts. What is more likely to happen is that the better men will leave police forces to be replaced by incompetents. The somnambulant American public cares little for its liberties and even less for its defenders.

        So we can only wait and see how big a disaster Cleveland will be. It won't be a disaster though for Wall Street, the Media, or political freebooters. The profit margins will go up exponentially to the body count.

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