Sunday, July 10, 2016


      While Ameroboobs have been spending the last week killing and beating one another and rioting in the streets over police shootings which haven't even been officially investigated; other countries are lifting themselves out of Beltway-inspired chaos. This weekend in Damascus, awards were issued to the first winners in Syria's Science Olympics and to the graduating class of The National School for the Distinguished.

      Unlike American public schools, resources in other countries are directed mostly at rewarding academic achievement and excellence. In other countries, superior students aren't derided as geeks and nerds, but are nationally recognized.

       Syria's First Lady, Asma Assad, presented the awards. Mrs. Assad, a demure mother-of-five, led the initiative to revive the Science Olympics as part of her husband's plan to rebuild Syria after the Jihadists are finally driven from Syrian soil.

       "The project is a dream come true," Mrs. Assad stated "Syria is one of the few Arabian countries which participate in global academic Olympiads. A lot of 'experts' believed that the Olympiad program would cease because of the war. It is a challenge to prove to the world that Syrian youth have the knowledge as well as the will to defend their homeland. The Olympiad is a challenge to ignorance and terrorism."

        Mrs. Assad, who comes from a relatively modest background, has also been a behind-the-scenes leader in humanitarian efforts: especially among Syria's growing population of widows and orphans. She has arranged on several occasions, specialized treatment for children wounded in terror attacks in Russian and Chinese hospitals.

        Mrs. Assad also conducts inspection tours of orphanages and camps for displaced persons. Recently, she visited the farm of a venerable patriarch near Ghouta, who lost four of his five sons battling the Jihadist terrorists. The old gentleman was quite proud of his fifth son, currently a soldier in the Syrian Army, who has declined his right to a military hardship exemption to continue with his comrades in the fight for Syria's freedom. The family was also maintaining some of their displaced neighbors were burned down by moderate rebels this last Spring.

        Her most recent trip was a visit to a military field hospital where she brought along some of the mothers of the wounded soldiers. Near the end of the Islamic holiday of Ramadan, she visited an orphanage for homeless girls and participated with them in the Islamic ceremonies. Afterwards, the girls invited her to an exhibition of their hand-made jewelry.

        What a contrast this is to our former First Lady, Hilary Clinton, who once scoffed at women who bake cookies and considers weaseling out of federal indictments a great feminine achievement. And none of the protests sweeping the US today have anything to do with Hilary's narrow escape from justice, or the British Chilicot Report exposing the 2nd Bush Administration's crimes in Iraq. No: Ameroboobs are outraged this week because suspects they've never met were shot by police officers they don't know under circumstances which haven't been investigated in cities where few of them live. Such is life in the Prozac Nation.

        But the gloomy scenes on US streets are the product of decaying and degenerate society, whereas Syria---a vibrant and virile culture---has shown that it is capable of rising above even an invasion of foreign fanatics who have destroyed infrastructure but not broken the spirit of the people. Even Syria's women are performing acts of heroism far above what we would expect of effete American men. It is small wonder that thousands of Syrian refugees abroad plan to return home, disgusted with what they have witnessed in the West.


                                                       Good Women Doing Good Things

                                                    Ameroboobs Acting Like Idiots


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