Wednesday, July 27, 2016


     The recent wave of Jihadist mass-murders has everyone here in the Prozac Nation agitated in its usual state of perpetual outrage, with one faction demanding that we ignore the threat and concentrate on burning cities and shooting down policemen; and the other faction demanding that we ethnically cleanse the Middle East with overwhelming military attacks. In spite of the fact that 15 years of the War on Terror has accomplished absolutely nothing--- while Sino-Russia intervention has nearly wiped out ISIS in less than a year---Ameroboobs still imagine that somehow the effete US and its NATO satraps are still relevant in the fight against Jihad.

     Yesterday, for example, US pundits and radio shock-jocks are screaming for even deploying atomic bombs on the two remaining ISIS strongholds, Raqqa and Mosul, stupidly drawing analogies between those cities and Hiroshima and Nagasaki. "There are no innocents in Raqqa and Mosul!" blared Michael Savage, among others. This in spite of the fact that the Allies have Raqqa surrounded, while the non-innocents in Mosul are rioting against ISIS occupiers even as we write. At least five ISIS officers---including Abu Shishani, the top commander of the ISIS military---have been killed recently by Iraqi civilian snipers in Mosul. 

      ISIS feels the same way about civilians as the Ameroboob Neoconservatives. This morning, ISIS carried out a terror attack in Qamashili, Syria---31 dead as of last count. Though not reported by the US Corporate Media, Qamishili is the hub of the Humanitarian Air Bridge---a joint UN/Russian operation which is delivering humanitarian aid from the UN World Food Program to inaccessible areas in Syria. Qamishili so far has received 17 flights and a whopping 645 tons of supplies. ISIS, along with Obama's moderate rebels, have made relief areas an especial target recently.

        Of course, leveling Raqqa and Mosul will do absolutely nothing to stop the scores of thousands of Jihadist terrorists whom Western countries have voluntarily imported into their own lands; but it would make the Ameroboobs feel better about themselves.

       One of the main reasons why the US Government-Media Complex is spewing contradictory messages about so-called Islamophobia one moment and draconian messages the next is because the narrative is being dictated by the same interests who are supporting the Jihad. Wahhabi Islamists---who fund the Jihadist movement---are also heavily invested in media outlets like News Corp and governmental policy advisors like the Council on American-Islamic Relations. It's noteworthy that none of these calls for obliterating places in the Middle East are ever directed at Wahhabi-run countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, or Qatar---and always against Moslem countries whose governments the Wahhabis oppose. Likewise with so-called 'Islamophobia'. We are always lectured by the Left to be tolerant of Wahhabis, but never tolerant of Wahhabi enemies like the Shiites who run Iran.

         US defense contractors like Haliburton, Academi (aka Blackwater) and others are headquartered in the UAE, which---like Saudi Arabia---has huge stockholdings in the US media. There are US military bases scattered throughout the Wahhabi Shiekdoms---all of which are absolutist monarchies, and not one democracy.

         The Corporate Media has naturally painted Iran as part of the Axis of Evil in the Middle East, although Iran's contribution to fighting the Jihad has been invaluable to the Allied war effort. Iran is a Shiite Moslem country---hated by the Wahhabis because Shia Islam promotes representative government (though heavily moderated by Islamic religious leaders). Iran is depicted as a state sponsor of terrorism in spite of the fact that they are actively fighting Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria and Iraq and are supporting freedom fighters against Wahhabi aggression in Yemen and Bahrain.

        Pundits here thunder that countries like Iran have never denounced Jihad, when they in fact regularly do.

        So, what we can conclude from this is that the US Government and Wall Street really have no actual interest in fighting international terrorism---except to use it as a pretext to amass power and profit. And there are other interests involved: the Wahhabis are known to be deeply involved in international weapons, narcotics, and slave trafficking.

        And just as typically, while Americans fight over how to address the Jihadi terror threat, American interest groups will keep the fight going---and laughing all the way to the bank.


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