Saturday, July 2, 2016


      Every few weeks, the Mainstream Media Cartels turn their tabloid-level talents onto foreign leaders and peoples. North Korea is frequently on the receiving end of their jibes. Depending on the illusion the Media wishes to create, North Korea is depicted either as a primitive society ruled by a buffoon; or as a military superpower ruled by a maniac capable of conquering the world.

        The South Korean Intelligence Service---an organization not exactly renown for its reliability---today told an anxious gaggle of American correspondents that North Korea's president Kim Jong Un has gained 20 lbs., is believed to be binge-eating, engaging in substance abuse, and is suffering from paranoia and insomnia.

         Now, by modern standards of journalism such a revelation qualifies as front-page news regardless of its veracity.  Of course, there is considerable irony in the Ameroboobs accusing anyone else of being fat, paranoid, drug-addicted, and eating unhealthily.

          So why does the Government-Media Complex obsess over a country the size of Pennsylvania which is 6,000 miles away? Maybe the issue is really isn't with North Korea.

           Among many things Korea has given to the world, religious cults are fairly pronounced. The most famous of these are the Moonies, or the Unification Church. The Moonies were founded in Korea by the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon, a false prophet who claimed to be the Christian Messiah. The Moonies are also active in the United States. President Reagan suppressed their cult, but Bush Sr. released Moon from jail. The Bush Family and the Moonies have considerable related financial interests.

           One particular enterprise in which the Moonies are heavily invested is the US Media. The cult owns United Press International and The Washington Times among other publications. AmericanLife TV is a cable channel they control. Moon taught his followers that North Korea is a satanic nation, and advocates for the reunification of the two countries. Is it surprising then that there might be a bias in reporting about North Korea?

            The Moonies likewise operate several Political Action Committees and Non-Governmental Organizations both here, in South Korea, and in the United Nations. The Moonie Universal Peace Foundation is an officially-recognized consultant with UNESCO, and a recognized member of five UN organizations, including the UN Commission on Human Rights. Is it any wonder then that the UN always seems eager to impose sanctions on North Korea, while overlooking worse abuses in certain other states?

             Among the PACs controlled by the Moonies include CAUSA International, The International Coalition for Religious Freedom, and Radio Free Asia. They are major donors to the American Freedom Coalition, Liberty University, the National Conservative Political Action Committee, and the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations. Again, is anyone surprised by the hawkish position Washington takes to North Korea?

             The Moonies also run some major businesses besides the news media. The Tongil Group, for example, is a government contractor; as is the shipbuilding firm, Master Marine. The Moonies have an enormous presence in Agribusiness---particularly in the fishing industry.

             One can very easily see by this that considerable hysteria against North Korea is being fomented by a dangerous religious cult. A cult, too, to whom our politicians are literally bowing down before.

             Now, in light of these facts, is anything whatsoever officially stated about North Korea even remotely credible? Our entire policy in that region is, at its core, nothing more than to protect and promote the interests of a cult!

              Most Americans are completely oblivious to the degree that this dangerous organization exercises its influence in our media, government, academia, foreign policy, and domestic economy, and could likely care less. Our effete populace believes that only traditionalist Christians are a threat. Well, North Koreans too, because the Media says it's politically correct to hate them also. 

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