Wednesday, July 20, 2016


      Somewhere buried behind the groundbreaking Corporate Media headlines about aging rock stars' outrage over the Republican Convention playing their songs, there are a few scattered stories about the powderkeg Obama is about to ignite in the Middle East. When video footage surfaced this morning about US-backed moderate rebels publically beheading a 12 year-old Syrian boy, matters have come to breaking point.

      The Syrian UN Ambassador protested American support of these thugs, along with other US-sponsored crimes in his country. US airstrikes, illegally conducted over Syria, have killed 140 civilians in the last week, according to Syrian sources. The incompetent Pentagon---which has already accidentally bombed its own confederates among the Syrian 'rebels' twice this month---denied Syria's claims.

      Obama's meddling in the region, especially these recent blunders, are building up to end in an even worse disaster than his bungling of the Libya, Ukraine or the South China Sea controversies. The revelations earlier this month that Jordan---another of the Beltway's Wahhabi coalition partners--- was stealing and selling US weapons on the Black Market was serious enough, but events in Turkey have overshadowed even that.

      We learned during the Turkish coup that the Rainbow-Pride Pentagon leadership is maintaining a battery of ballistic missiles in Turkey equipped with atomic warheads. Considering that Turkey is a very unstable country, subject to repeated terrorist attacks, and borders areas where ISIS and Al-Qaeda are operating; keeping atomic weapons in such a place amounts to criminal negligence. The air base where these missiles are stored was raided twice by Turkish authorities during the coup, and it is unclear whether American or Turkish elements are actually in control of it right now. 

       After the failed coup, Turkey withdrew its military from Iraq; and no sooner had he done so than the Pentagon rushed in a battalion of their LGBTQ-friendly troops to fill the void. This deployment was executed over Iraqi objections. Following the Chilcot revelations, anti-US sentiment is running so high in Iraq right now that the Iraqi government has recused itself of any responsibility for the Americans' security. Civilian snipers have reportedly been taking pot-shots at the troops on occasion; and the Iraqi military has denied the Pentagon any participation in the upcoming battle for Mosul.

       Some analysts in the region fear that Obama's plot is to seize control of the Syrian-Iraqi border provinces (which coincidentally happen to be major oil-producing areas) and erect a puppet-state of some kind. This not only would be a crime against Syrian and Iraqi sovereignty, but would probably draw Turkey and Iran into the conflict.

      Throughout his entire administration, Obama has conducted foreign policy like some kind of Chicago Gangland Turf-War when reasoned diplomacy could have solved most of these crises in mutually-beneficial ways. But Obama is the product of a culture which has largely come to embrace the ghetto-trash, gangbanger ethos, hence the majority of Ameroboobs generally go along with his policies---only criticizing him for not behaving aggressively enough.

       What Ameroboobs don't understand, however, is that gang leaders usually come to bad ends when the forces of Justice unite against them. That isn't how it works in Hollywood, but is how it works in real life. The Corporate Media, though, simply buries the truth, and the American public coasts along in blissful ignorance of the danger they are in.

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