Wednesday, July 13, 2016


      Following yesterday's political-media circus at the Dallas Police funeral, with Obama and Bush Junior admirably performing as clowns, America's Prozac-fueled outrage is focusing on racial violence. As we predicted after the Orlando Pulse Nightclub Massacre last month, that entire affair would be forgotten in a few weeks. In our postmodern dystopia, the outrage of the week has become something of a fad---existing only as long as it drives up media ratings, political poll numbers, and profit margins and until another national crisis supplants it.

       This phenomenon has not been unnoticed by more stable minds. Robert Woodson, a venerable old leader of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement spoke to The Hill magazine today and offered his insights. Woodson began by stating categorically that groups like Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers are criminals and anarchists who have nothing in common with the historic American Civil Rights Movement.

       "Some of us who have standing need to have a voice." Woodson noted, commenting on the media's complete lack of interest in promoting social cohesiveness, "The media always gives a camera and a microphone to the disruptors but never to those trying to find a solution."

        Woodson is absolutely correct. This current wave of racial violence began after police shot and killed two suspects---one in Louisiana and one in Minnesota. Official investigations into these incidents have not even been concluded. But all of this outrage is nonetheless occurring in places nowhere near where the incidents occurred, and by people not connected with the principle parties involved. In the overwhelming majority of previous incidents, the police officers are ultimately exonerated---after being investigated by some of the most politically-correct police departments in the country.

          Woodson also faults our irresponsible Corporate Media Cartels for their part in exacerbating this violence.

           "Look at what Fox News is doing. It is what p****s me off about Conservative broadcasters. They will have on Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and then Bill O'Reilly and Laura Ingraham become the foil. In short, the face of opposition to BLM is O'Reilly and Ingraham. Fox should not be using Sharpton or Jackson or these other race hucksters. All they are doing is continuing the divide and I am forced to conclude that some people on the Right have been forming their own Grievance Industry in reaction to BLM."

             And it should not be surprising that Fox News would stoop to these kinds of tactics. Fox---along with the Wall Street Journal, the National Review, and many other news outlets are subsidiaries of News Corp. News Corp is not even headquartered in the United States, nor is it owned by Americans. It is headed by Rupert Murdoch, an Australian national. Australia---it should be noted--- has some of the most racially restrictive immigration policies in the developed world.

              News Corp's major foreign investor is the Saudi-owned Kingdom Holding Company, and its second-largest individual shareholder is a prince of the United Arab Emirates. These are Wahhabi-run governments who also fund Jihadi madrassas and such groups as the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Al-Shebab, and Boko Harum, among others. Naturally, interest groups which support ethnic cleansing in places like Syria, Yemen, and Bahrain are probably not adverse to inciting race war in the United States. It also may account for why Fox News stokes racial tensions here; but turns a blind eye to UAE humanitarian crimes, which have been well-documented throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

               Woodson noted that the earlier Civil Rights Movement targeted specific problems, like housing and hiring discrimination; whereas he finds groups like Black Lives Matter "morally bankrupt and seeking its 15 minutes of fame."

               And therein lies the root of the problem. Americans of 2016 are not the same people as Americans of 1964. Americans of that era opposed injustice; Americans of today profit off it. Ultimately, it's not about white or black skin or red and blue states, but about how much green and gold can line the pockets of the Media Cartels and their Wahhabi investors.

               So, sadly, Woodson's sound advice will likely continue to be ignored. Meanwhile, cities will burn, but no problem---Halliburton is based in the UAE too and can make money rebuilding them. Police will get shot, but no problem---Blackwater is based in the UAE and can sell security services. And Americans can go on living in denial and taking their antidepressants---many of which are also made in the Wahhabi kingdoms---that is, when they aren't killing, looting, and beating each other in the streets.




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