Wednesday, July 6, 2016


   The European Union Parliament issued a series of crackdowns today on Berlin's 27 remaining occupied territories, with more doubtless to follow. Cowardly EU leaders, willing to trade their sovereignty for German handouts, are trying to stave off surging independence movements.

    One proposal today would strip funding for political parties opposing EU membership. Of course, it's typical of totalitarian regimes (e.g. the Nazis) to outlaw opposition parties. The proposal, advanced by the German-born EU Secretary-General Klaus Welle, would strip so-called 'Eurosceptic' parties of equal standing with those more acceptable to the EU gauleiters.

    The EU also took control greater control of European borders. They created the European Border and Coast Guard Agency with greater expanded powers than the previous agency. This is, of course, the first step towards an EU Iron Curtain. The new organization will naturally have no regard for national terrestrial or maritime borders. Artis Pabriks, a leader of the Latvian Unity Party, who led the initiative, stated that the new paramilitary force will have 1,500 border and coastal guards.

     "The proposal also stipulates that the EU may introduce 'temporary border controls' if an EU member state refuses to co-operate with the new agency." a commenter on EU affairs noted.

      Merkel and the other advocates of the New Order have made no secret of their intention to create an EU military and an EU secret police force. The new agency is a step towards abolishing national armies and legal infrastructures.

       And another German EU delegate, Gunther Oettinger demanded the EU start cracking down on countries not adhering to EU-mandated budgets. Oettinger specifically targeted Portugal and Spain---two countries with a rapidly expanding independence movement---to be used as examples.

       "If the Commission wishes to uphold its credibility on budget rules" he thundered, "we have to approve sanctions against Spain and Portugal...Neither country has adhered to the budget rules they agreed to themselves. If we draw up common rules, these rules must be adhered to."

        The Fourth Reich isn't even established yet, and already that legendary German arrogance is already manifesting itself. A lot of younger Europeans would be well advised to talk to their older relatives who experienced the joys of German Occupation. The Kaiser and Fuhrer didn't exactly see the peoples of Europe as equals. It appears that spirit never quite died out.

         The German EU members are also seeking to oust EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker, we can well imagine the country of origin of their intended replacement.

         The EU kommisars also addressed tax policy and their plan for strengthening the Euro and stricter financial policies.

          This is a foretaste of what Britain avoided with BREXIT and ought to be a warning to other European peoples of what to expect unless they follow the British lead. Once the EU's iron fist closes on remaining countries, it will be too late.


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