Saturday, July 30, 2016


    Blogger Bob Wallace has a great article today titled "The Manosphere and Blasphemy." There's not much we can add to his observations, since he essentially quoting the Game Cult's own statements.

     There are some who deny or dispute that Game is actually a religion or a cult, but the excerpt Wallace cites makes that claim fairly undeniable. According to the passage he quotes---which was wholly endorsed yesterday by the Game Leader known as the Voice of God---the Person of Christ contains within itself all of the Game Cult's masculine archetypes.

    It should be noted, of course, that there is no room for the feminine in any of this, because according to many Game theologians, women operate under a different spiritual system. In the Game paradigms, the Creation of Woman as a helpmeet as related in the Old Testament means not that the genders are designed to compliment or complete on another. It means instead that women were created for man's benefit in the same sense that dogs, horses, and sheep are. They also extrapolate the Doctrine of Original Sin into what they call The Sin of Eve. The latter belief they interpret to mean that women are inclined to rebel against God and men---hence it is necessary and justifiable for men to dominate and control them by whatever means necessary.

    Such tortuous interpretations of Scripture are common to the Gamers and to cults in general. It's a common tactic of cults to graft on to themselves various parts of established religions to give themselves an aura of legitimacy. Thus the Moonies claim to be Christians; they claim however that Christ's prophecy of the Holy Spirit refers instead to the Reverend Moon. Or the Wahhabis, who claim that the messianic prophecy of the Islamic Caliphate in the Koran refers to themselves, et cetera. Of course, these novel sects invariably also teach that the current established faiths are corrupt, and they have come into existence to purify them. The Game Cultists universally argue that modern churches are corrupted by Feminism. This is central to their teaching, and misogyny and sexual perversion is, in the main, the common bond between them. Proof of this can be seen by the fact that many Gamers are admitted Atheists who "respect" the Christian veneer of Game; while others speak highly of Wahhabi Islam and that cult's notorious brutality towards women.

     As one of Wallace's commenters noted, the Game Cult hijacked the American Men's Rights Movement and is now working feverishly to hijack American Christendom as well. They gain some superficial plausibility because Radical Feminism falsely teaches that Christianity endorses the subjugation of women---the Gamers simply flip that lie and claim that true Christianity believes exactly that and that anyone who believes otherwise is a Feminist. The reality is that traditional Christianity is the real antidote to Radical Feminism.

      In addition to the passage that Wallace cites, the Game blogs and websites are replete with similar sentiments: that Game is taught in the Bible; that the Apostles studied Game; that Churches which their philosophy are apostate, and so forth.

      Unfortunately, the Game Cult is gaining adherents, mostly in the United States where the contagion originated. Exposing it is the first step to defeating it.


  1. Wonderful! It's refreshing to see things named for what they are.

  2. "According to the passage he quotes---which was wholly endorsed yesterday by the Game Leader known as the Voice of God---the Person of Christ contains within itself all of the Game Cult's masculine archetypes."

    It's interesting to see how you treat Red Pillians, both generally and in your interpretations. For example, you start with the statement that "the Game Leader known as the Voice of God "wholly endorsed" the passage. What did he actually say? He said:

    "This was a fascinating take on interpreting the original Alpha and Omega and applying it to the observable socio-sexual hierarchy.".

    That is all VD says about it. You somehow interpret this to mean he "wholly endorsed" it. If I stated, as I truthfully could, that "I find this post by Nightwind on Game to be fascinating", I would not be wholly endorsing this post.

    At least, you did not claim similarly for AlphaGamePlan (a Game Leader?). He specifically notes that "... I did not write this, nor do I agree with all of it,....". I wonder if VD would also say the same. It's certainly possible, contrary to your claim of his endorsement.