Tuesday, July 5, 2016


    China announced today that its military forces have been placed on high alert a week ahead of a Hague decision on its territorial claims in the Nansha Islands. Chinese forces will begin a series of military drills in the area, closing the area off to foreign military navigation.

   "China must be prepared for any military confrontation in the South China Sea." said an editorial in the state-run Global Times, "China should be able to make the US pay a price it cannot stand if it intervenes in the South China Sea dispute by force."

    The Hague is supposed to rule on a case brought by the Philippines against Chinese territorial claims on July 12th. China has boycotted the hearing, which was instigated by the Obama Administration, stating the Hague has no jurisdiction over Chinese territory. The military deployment follows a series of US naval encroachments on Chinese territory; along with a massive arms deal with Vietnam, the Japanese Empire, the Philippines, and Taiwan. Yesterday, Japanese fighter planes menaced Chinese reconnaissance aircraft, and earlier this week, Taiwan torpedoed a Chinese fishing-boat, killing three Chinese citizens. These continued provocations seem to have had the desired effect.

      Obama's repeated blundering in the South China Sea has put the US in a dangerous position. Xi Jinping has basically called Obama's bluff. The Hague ruling is certain to decide in favor of the Philippines---what will Obama do then? The Administration has painted itself into a corner wherein their only choices will be to confront China militarily or abandon their confederates who are eager for war. As we have pointed out here repeatedly these proxies Obama has employed: the Japanese Empire, Taiwan, and the Makapili Filipino government; any one of these unstable regimes could trigger a conflict.

        Chinese President Xi Jinping stated in a speech on Sunday that, "No nation should expect us to swallow the bitter pill of harm to our national sovereignty, security, or development interests...We are not afraid of trouble."

        What is the driving force behind Obama's insane rush to WW3? Some have theorized that the Beltway/Wall Street elites imagine that they can 'arrange' a global conflict from which the US will largely remain unscathed. That would enable the Cultural Marxists and Wall Street to resume their position as the only Superpower, while cracking down on dissent at home.

       If this is their strategy, it hasn't a chance of working. The world has changed since 1945. America isn't in a position to lead from behind anymore, we are not protected by oceans and our population isn't the quality it was in the 1940s either.

       The next week will be a decisive one. China will either win by default or they will give us a solid beating. Obama will have gambled with---and lost---our position in the South Pacific. Let us only hope that he doesn't lose a few thousand American lives in the process.

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