Monday, July 18, 2016


   It should probably come as a surprise to no one that the assassin who ambushed Louisiana policemen today was a product both of America's politically-correct public schools and Pentagon. Like Micah Johnson in Dallas, Gavin Long was radicalized in American institutions.

     Long was a formerly a sergeant in our LGBTQ-friendly Marine Corps; once an elite military unit, but more recently better-known for raping Japanese girls and running from the Iranian Navy. Long was honorably discharged from the USMC in 2010 and later joined the Nation of Islam, a criminal enterprise headed by Louis Farrakhan. He reportedly served time in Iraq; as Micah Johnson had in Afghanistan.

     Whether Americans want to believe it or not, the Pentagon has been a hotbed of radicalization, both domestic and Jihadi during recent years, but most especially during the Obama Administration. Obama has driven out Christian military chaplains and replaced them with Wahhabi Moslems, for example. And although Christian holidays are discouraged; the Pentagon orders observation of all Islamic holidays.

       The Council on American-Islamic Relations, another Wahhabi group, has been writing the so-called 'Rules of Engagement' for the Pentagon since the Bush Junior years.

       Military radicalization is not limited to Jihadi influence. Under Obama, Radical Feminists and the Gay Mafia have been appointed to major Pentagon leadership positions. By their own admission, they seek to eradicate the culture of masculinity from the US military. We saw last Spring how effective this policy has been---West Point Cadets, now women of color proudly posed for photo-ops giving the Black Power salute (also employed by the Nation of Islam, among others).

         A radicalized military is just as dangerous to freedom as radicalized public schools. Soldiers whose who have been educated to hate freedom in the schools and taught how to destroy it by the military are a menace to civilization as we are seeing in Dallas and Baton Rouge. A military committed to anti-American ideology would have no moral objection to suppressing those liberties, if ordered to do so, for example, under martial law.

         Sadly though, Americans never question either the schools or the military, and look upon military personnel and school teachers as heroes---regardless of what criminal scum and ideological fanatics those in these professions usually show themselves to be.  Postmodern Americans always prefer living in denial to solving problems; and these things simply become another 'New Normal'.



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