Friday, July 8, 2016


     As is typical following ever-increasing incidents like the one in Dallas last night, media pundits and political opportunists are exploiting the tragedy to push their agendas. We will explain what happened in a few simple steps:

     1. Take a boy, fail to provide him with positive masculine role models;

     2. Expose him to a media culture that teaches him that men are of no value;

      3. Send him to public schools and fail to teach him any critical reasoning skills;

      4. Teach him that Whites are oppressors and that he is their victim;

       5. Teach him that the strongest survive and that all moral values are relative;

       6. Put him in the PC military and teach him that political murder is justified;

        7. Release him on the streets where rioters and thugs act with impunity;

        8. Possibly let Big Pharma throw some psych-dope into the mix;

And when those factors get added together, you produce creatures like Micah Johnson.

       Does any more really need to be said than this?  No: but this is precisely what won't be said. Until somebody says it, though, these things will continue.





  1. I linked to your post for my Saturday blog. I hope you don't mind, I just thought you nailed the problem very well.

    1. Thank you---and you can link here whenever you like!