Saturday, April 30, 2016


     While Ameroboobs are busy laying siege to their own cities (as we saw in San Francisco yesterday, and will see tomorrow during the annual Anarchist May Day orgies), Allied military forces announced yesterday that the Siege of Raqqa is underway. Raqqa is the last major ISIS stronghold in the Middle East. The final showdown appears to be looming on the horizon.

     Not to be outdone, Obama and his pink bowtied Defense Secretary, Ash Carter, rushed in 250 of America's LGBTQ-friendly commandoes to Syria for the photo-op yesterday.  Syria responded by calling this troop insertion 'an act of aggression'. Russia responded by traumatizing some US pilots with some impressive aerial acrobatics. China responded by chasing the USS Stennis away from Hong Kong. Obama responded by playing the Court Jester at Buckingham Palace.

     The American people can't be allowed to believe that the US is not winning the War on Terror singlehandedly. After all, Hollywood tells us that this is happening, and we must never doubt what Hollywood tells us. But recall just a few years ago when ISIS suddenly burst on the world stage. The Pentagon's Diversity Army ran screaming from Iraq and there were dire shrieks from Western pundits that ISIS would soon have a Jihadist Superstate in Iraq and Syria. Complete with atomic weapons, their own air and naval forces, too. Senators like Lindsay Graham warned that, without immediate American intervention, ISIS landing-craft would be hitting the beaches of South Carolina....&c., &c., &c....

     When it became painfully obvious that US foreign policy was really more about giving ISIS free rein to engage in ethnic cleansing before the American Left 'intervened' to nation-build along more politically-correct lines, responsible foreign powers proactively moved in. Russia, China, Iran, Syria, and Iraq set up a joint military Alliance headquartered in Baghdad. The rest is history: what's left of ISIS is now either besieged in Raqqa or trapped in a pincer-movement between two advancing armies in the Syrian Desert. And all in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

       But no doubt, Hollywood will soon give us a formula-film, with all the proper politically-correct protocols; and the media will go on promoting the Cult of the Superman when speaking reverentially of the US military.

      The reality however is that this is history:

    And that this is the new face of heroism:


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