Friday, April 29, 2016


    In their never-ending quests to destroy American cultural icons and distract Ameroboob attention from serious issues, the Cultural Marxists have decided to remove Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill. It might make more sense to talk about the devaluation of the dollar; considering that a $20 dollar bill in 2016 has the buying power of 83 cents in 1913, the year that Federal Reserve Notes were first issued.

    But most Americans are as ignorant of Economics as they are of History. The Academic Mafia has re-defined Jackson beyond anything resembling the truth. Jackson was a man who was orphaned at the age of 13 during the Revolutionary War; survived brutal treatment in a British POW camp; taught himself to read and write; became a prominent lawyer and community leader and captain of a local National Guard unit. His military skills soon elevated him to general. When the War of 1812 broke out, he commanded the US forces in the South. Afterwards he was elected a senator, and eventually the 7th President of the United States. Jackson retired from politics and spent his declining years actively engaged in supporting missionary activities and promoting religious causes both at home and abroad.

      Some anecdotes about Jackson illustrate his character. He married a woman named Rachael Robards, a devout and lovely woman who had been forced into an early marriage with a brutal thug. Jackson basically rescued her, in spite of the social stigma surrounding divorced women then. Jackson was never apologetic for it; defended her reputation boldly and she was introduced and accepted into the social circles in which he travelled.

       Another anecdote of note: during the War of 1812, the Indians had cut Jackson's supply lines and his troops were reduced to starvation rations. A mutiny was threatening and a soldier approached Jackson as representative of the discontented soldiers. Jackson took a pouch from his pocket, containing about a dozen acorns, and offered the soldier six of them. That, he said, was half of his own rations. The mutiny collapsed when the soldiers saw their commander shared in their plight.

       When Jackson was dying, a European general offered him a gift of an ancient Roman sarcophagus for his burial. Jackson politely declined, saying that it would set a bad example in America---where all men were equal---for an American leader to be eulogized like an Emperor.

White, Christian, Heterosexual, and Male----no wonder the Radical Left can't stand the sight of him.

     Among Jackson's now-forgotten services to the country were:

1. Fighting in the War of Independence;

2. Saving countless American settlers' lives by securing Southern forts in the War of 1812;

3. Saving New Orleans---on his own initiative and with a brilliant strategy---from a treacherous plot between British forces and American traitors to put control of the Mississippi into British hands;

4. Ending a corrupt electoral system based on personality cults and political connections and establishing a party system;

5. Breaking up a plan to monopolize the bank system; and also establishing the first Gold Standard (this is why he was put on the $20 bill in the first place);

6. Stopping the Supreme Court from legislating from the Bench (the boundaries he established held for nearly 140 years);

7. Breaking up a Secessionist plot and averting a civil war;

8. Aiding the War of Independence in Texas;

9. Building some the nation's first interstate road systems and canals.

   This is the truth about Andrew Jackson. A leader, soldier, writer, and husband who makes his effete detractors look like the jealous pygmies they are---standing in his shadow and throwing canards.

    Today's trendy, politically-correct Academics and their fake Think-Tanks only remember or teach about Andrew Jackson in connection with the so-called 'Trail of Tears' or Indian Relocation of 1838. This is one of the most distorted and egregious mythologies in American pop culture, and will be the subject of Part II.

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