Wednesday, June 21, 2017


    Military engineers today began the long-awaited project to construct the nearly 1,500 mile high-security border fence, officials confirmed. The project will be undertaken in two separate phases: the mountainous terrain will be constructed first, finishing up at the plain along the river.

      A spokesman for the Army Corps of Engineers stated that the new border fence is equipped with sensors with military outposts at intervals enabling Security Forces to respond quickly to illegal entry. Despite protests against the project, the spokesman stated that the Fence is necessary to control infiltrations of terrorists, criminal gangs, and narcotics traffic. It is projected that the fence will be completed sometime during 2018.

     This isn't fake news; but before American readers get their hopes up, we aren't talking about the US-Mexico Border. The Fence is being constructed by the Pakistani Government along their border with Afghanistan. But there is the point.

     RINOs in the Congress and the Administration claim that a 1,900-mile security fence would be too expensive to construct on our Southern Border. What do we suppose that Pakistan's budget is for a fence only 400 miles shorter?

     These same RINOs also claim that surveillance of such a border would be impossible. What is Pakistan's surveillance capabilities relative to the United States?

      The Whacko Left claims that a security fence is racist against Moslems. So why does a country of over 150,000,000 Moslems believe that vetting other Moslems is necessary?

       Food for thought on a Wednesday Morning...


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