Wednesday, June 7, 2017


     Last night, ISIS gunmen attacked two vital points in Tehran, killing 12 people and wounding 25. It was the first successful terrorist attack in Iran in 35 years. An attack on Iran has been an objective of ISIS since Iran joined the Allies fighting ISIS. Iranian authorities have foiled several planned attacks before they came to fruition.

      ISIS' plan was clearly an attempt to destabilize the Iranian Government. Eight gunmen armed with assault rifles and suicide vests simultaneously attacked the Iranian Parliament Building and the Shrine of the late Ayatollah Khomeini. In the Parliament attack, a lone security heroically held off the ISIS thugs, allowing the officials time to evacuate into an emergency shelter. The guard gave his life in the attack, by some accounts remaining at his post though mortally wounded. All of the ISIS operatives were killed after a nearly hour-long running gunfight with the Revolutionary Guard.

    At the Khomeini Shrine, four ISIS terrorists---including two females---sprayed the citadel with gunfire before being surrounded by Revolutionary Guardsmen. One of the women surrendered, the other committed suicide by detonating a suicide vest. One of the male attackers also committed suicide and the other was killed by security forces.

    Following the attack, the White House issued a foolish statement to the effect that 'state-sponsors of terrorism' get their just desserts. Actually that would apply more to US Foreign Policy than to Iran: the US has suffered far more terrorist attacks than Iran has and Iran is responsible for far more damage to ISIS than anything the so-called 'Coalition' has ever done.

    In a speech at the University of Tehran, Supreme Ayatollah Ali Khamenei praised the heroism of the security forces and assured the people that the attacks would have no effect on Iranian resolve to continue the fight against ISIS.

   "Had Iran not taken a stand against Jihadi terrorism in the region, we would be facing much worse problems today. I have full optimism that God-willing that the terrorist forces will soon face ultimate defeat." the Ayatollah stated. He further added that, despite the carnage, that the efforts of the Jihadists were puny in comparison to recent Allied victories on the battlefield.

    President Rouhani stated today, after meeting with military and intelligence officials that the attackers had definite connections to foreign provocateurs. He stated that the terrorists were paid and equipped by powers outside Iran, but that the investigation was ongoing. The Revolutionary Guard issued a statement corroborating President Rouhani's remarks and vowing that the victims would be avenged.

    There are two noteworthy things about this incident. One is that, unlike the Bush and Obama Administrations, the Ayatollahs had no hesitation about admitting these attacks the handiwork of Islamic extremists. The other is that---unlike all Western countries---Iran called upon its citizens to stand firm and assist its efforts to defeat the Jihad.

     And also a word of praise must be said for the Revolutionary Guard and the Iranian Police. What footage has so far emerged shows them fearlessly engaging the terrorists---often without the 'precautions' that Western forces take to secure the safety of their personnel first. The Iranians moved in, kicked butt, got the job done, and saved lives.

     There will be more details of this story to be certain; and unfortunately it is probably not the final attack, as we've seen recently in Britain and France as well. The ISIS fiends have called upon their followers to execute attacks against their enemies during the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan. That should also illustrate that fanatical cults are always a dangerous menace, whether they pretend to be Christians or pretend to be Moslems.

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