Monday, October 5, 2020


    The weekend kicked off with some considerable hysteria which buried two pieces of important news. As we've all heard, the President came down with the flu and went to the hospital for observation and medicine. The Media flew into something like a collective death-watch; riots broke out all over the place; the Whacko Left made asses of themselves with disgusting jests and comments: after all this mash-up, the President's doctors say he'll likely be released early this week. 

   As much as I like Tucker Carlson, sometimes he makes me shake my head a bit. Take this story titled "The Left's Shocking Reaction to Trump's Diagnosis." Carlson's analysis was good; but why is anybody shocked by the Left's reaction? The American Left has lower ethical standards than some of the most savage and uncivilized tribes. Their regard for (other people's) lives is next to zero.

   Trump's recovery is vindicating his position; but the story drown out some great news, because the plot to overthrow him took two major blows this week. The first actually happened before the Presidential Debate, but the Corporate Media chose not to give it much coverage. But it's the kind of thing that, in these desperate times, actually restores one's faith in humanity.

    Rick DeSantis, the RINO Governor of Florida has been written about a lot here since the fake COVID crisis started. In fact, DeSantis has been one of the worst in terms of running a repressive police state totally in contradiction to everything our Constitution stands for. Then---with no warning or explanation---last weekend DeSantis issued another order actually repealing all of his previous illegal decrees. This includes ending mandatory masks, lifting all business restrictions, all 'social distancing' guidelines, all travel restrictions, etc. DeSantis even went further and granted amnesty to everyone who'd been arrested, fined, or otherwise punished for violating his illegal orders. 

     It's unknown what phenomenon actually caused DeSantis' sudden spasm of Manhood, but we applaud its occurrence. Welcome back, Florida and let's hope that DeSantis has truly changed and become a responsible statesman. Florida has become the largest State to return to the Loyalist Camp. 

    This move came less than a week after a Federal Judge struck down Pennsylvania's Dictatorship and freed the State. Unlike DeSantis, Governor Tom Wolf learned nothing from the humiliating repudiation of his authority. At a press conference where Wolf planned to promote his measures in spite of the ban, he got caught on a 'hot mic' laughing up his sleeve about his own decrees. At this point, one really has to question the motives of anyone who still supports the Democratic Party. 

   And speaking of Democrat despots, the State Supreme Court of Michigan nullified the vicious dictatorship of Whitmer and Nessel. Judge Stephen Markman ruled:

    “We conclude that the Governor lacked the authority to declare a ‘state of emergency’ or a ‘state of disaster’ under the EMA after April 30, 2020, on the basis of the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, we conclude that the EPGA is in violation of the Constitution of our state because it purports to delegate to the executive branch the legislative powers of state government— including its plenary police powers— and to allow the exercise of such powers indefinitely...As a consequence, the EPGA cannot continue to provide a basis for the Governor to exercise emergency powers.”

   This lawsuit didn't materialize out of thin air. It was filed by a group of doctors  who saw that Whitmer's tyranny was endangering public health. Again, it demonstrates that Rebellion can be smashed simply by enforcing the Constitution and stripping these dirtbags of their power. The losses of Pennsylvania, Florida, and Michigan is a major blow to the cause of the Insurgents. Resist them whenever and wherever possible; fight them in the Courts and support patriotic State legislators who are working to overthrow their dictatorships. Above all, do research. Expose the Financial Cartels and power-players behind the Coup and find out who's fighting back in your State. We can't count on the Media to tell us any of this. 

   Altogether, three Governors have had their power stripped and been brought low by the Courts. Three of these have been in State Courts (Wisconsin, Michigan), and one in Federal Court (Pennsylvania). I know currently that lawsuits are looming in Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota. There are also ones initiated in New York, New Jersey, and California. Impeachment and recall efforts are underway in Ohio, Washington, Oregon, and North Carolina. Support all efforts in your State to turn back the Coup. Subsequently to those, it is to be hoped that the leaders of the Coup will be brought to Justice for their crimes. 







  1. If I had not read it on blogs such as this one, I would not know of the three court ruling you write of. As far as I know, no national media has reported it. Nor would I know of Florida stopping its restrictions.

    I am curious as to why the media is not reporting the millions of Covid deaths occurring in Florida as a result of the Florida governor's order lifting restrictions. With masks and social distancing being so essential, Floridians must be dropping like flies, and yet the media is keeping that massive tragedy a secret. I wonder why?

    1. As part of DeSantis' order, he's discontinued all mandatory COVID updates from the State Health Department. But that's an interesting broader question; we keep hearing about all of these COVID deaths nationwide and yet there's NO coverage of funerals, mass-graves, or even obituaries of all of these fatalities. We're just given numbers, but nobody can seem to find the bodies.