Friday, May 17, 2019


    If there's one type of creature in the Political Swamp more detestable than any other, it's a fake Conservative. Liberals can be defeated with Reason as we saw in 2016. But fake Conservatives do damage because they undermine Conservatism by portraying it in a negative light---and the Liberal Media and Academia take full advantage of that portrayal. Fake Conservatives typically come in two varieties. One is the familiar Neocon/RINO type. That class is usually found in entrenched Republican districts and only pay lip-service to Conservative issues. In reality, they are moderate Liberals and will switch sides when they're forced to take a stand.

    The other class are what we term Alt-RINOs, a loud and vocal group made of various crackpots who claim to be part of the Far (or 'Alternative') Right. In reality, these are the reactionary Liberals. They're in basic agreement with all of Liberalism's methods, but represent interest groups marginalized by the Left. The Red Pill Cult is a good example of this kind of organized reaction. Thus, they advocate things like Affirmative Action (but only for Whites to the exclusion of other races) and Gender Identity Politics (but in which male supremacy replaces radical feminism). In this convoluted mindset, things like Racism and Misogyny become virtuous; just like under Liberalism reverse-discrimination and misandry are standard policies. 

    Jimmy Weidmann, blogger of the now-defunct Chateau Heartiste, was one of the masterminds behind radicalizing both the Men's Rights Movement and the Alternative Right. He also was responsible for formulating the cultish creed behind the Red Pill Philosophy of 'Game' which justified the use of psychological manipulation and other immoral tactics by which the Red-Pilled 'Alpha' asserted his superiority over others. Weidmann also taught his disciples that the hideous Dark Triad  is natural behavior for the Alpha Male to exert over women. So what did this Manly Alpha Leader do after Wordpress banned him? Played the Victim Card and blamed everyone else for his downfall. The first one he blamed was, apparently, President Trump.

     Can it be any clearer that the Red Pill is nothing but Reactionary Liberalism? Yes, we need Tulsi Gabbard because the last Liberal Democrat from Hawaii worked out so well as President...

      The idea of breaking up large companies is a decidedly Left-Wing position. Here's Weidmann---freely posting away on Gab---complaining that other social media giants need to be broken up because they won't tolerate his disgusting behavior. Antifa argues the same thing.

     And, of course, it's also the fault of this motley group who targeted him:

     'Deplorables' in other words. Now for his consummate conclusion:

     Translation: he'd been warned before and continued violating Wordpress' rules anyway. They finally had enough (after three years of patience, if Weidmann is to be believed) and pulled the plug. On top of that, his explanation is ridiculous. If this were really the work of some SJW cabal to stop Roosh Valizadeh's speaking tour---why wasn't Roosh's website taken down instead? And also, Weidmann and Valizadeh have been 'associated' for years. The heresy sniffers didn't notice this association until last week? 

     The last couple days' worth of posts is mostly Weidmann reposting his followers' paeans of praises to himself. If any discouraged young men are reading this and considering 'taking the Red Pill' just remember that Weidmann's present could easily become your future.

      And here---for public consumption---are a few specimens of what other Red Pills are saying about Weidmann. Judge for yourself why we call the Red Pill a cult:


        So much for the downfall of another fake Conservative. At bottom, the fakes are usually exposed in the end for the frauds and fanatics that they really are. 

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